Lukaku and Inter crawl through the eye of the needle and retain sparkle of hope for the title

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Inter Milan, with Red Devil Romelu Lukaku 90 minutes between the lines, has narrowly avoided new loss of points. Against Parma, it curved in arrears and won 1-2. This victory means that Inter can still have a glimmer of hope for the Italian Scudetto, although the gap with Juventus still remains eight points. Lukaku worked and prodded, but could not be put in position.

Inter started strong and Lautaro Martinez was the most dangerous man in the initial phase, but his visor was badly adjusted twice. The Nerazzurri in turn got away well when Gervinho had a big chance. Then the Ivorian did much better a few minutes later. The Inter-defense was childlike and Gervinho could simply deposit the ball in the far corner.

Parma-Inter: 1-0.

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Inter was unable to make a fist and Parma lurked on the counter. It should have always doubled its lead. Gervinho took the ball brilliantly from the air and left Cornelius alone for Handanovic, who shot it wide. The Inter-defense no longer knew what wood to make arrows.

Also in the front it was not a meter for Internazionale. Lukaku was not found and Martinez also disappeared in anonymity. Inter got the ball, but did very little with it. Corners adorned it, but it didn’t do much with it. And Parma: that continued to sting. Inter dragged toward the half time signal.

Inter escapes

You can be proud that Antonio Conte was angry at half time, although the desired effect was not achieved. The game image remained unchanged: Inter was unable to play Parma out of context. Lukaku and co. they tried, but they did not get beyond some checkered shots and some sterile pressure. Lukaku almost managed to equalize, but his place ball went just wide.

In the end, Inter finally set up and on the umpteenth corner kick De Vrij scored the unexpected equalizer. Sour for Parma. In addition, midfielder Kucka was also shoved a red cardboard under the nose after he got a little too enthusiastic story from the referee. At ten, Inter even turned the situation around completely when Bastoni headed in from close by. Parma was against the canvas and Inter was able to finish the game quietly.

Parma-Inter: 1-1.

Video: Eleven Sports

Parma-Inter: 1-2.

Video: Eleven Sports

It was a much needed victory for Inter, because the closest pursuer Atalanta also won his match. The gap with leader Juventus is eight points after this matchday.



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