Luka Doncic is called to be the next big NBA star. The Dallas Mavericks player broke through with force in his first season in the best league in the world and in his second year he continued that furor as the games went by and he was breaking records. This season lost in the first round of playoffs to the ClippersBut next year all the focus will be on the Texas franchise.

In a more established team, and with Porzingis, they will seek improve your performance and as well as your 43-32 record in regular season to have a better playoff situation. And once again, all eyes will be on the Mavericks’ ’77’, from which great performances are expected.

Not surprisingly, the first predictions of the betting shops, who have already opened their quotas for next season, They favorite Doncic to win the MVP after Antetokounmpo did the same this year. In fact, Greek is second, paying 9 to 2 for Luka’s 4 to 1.

Doncic was also one of the favorites at the beginning of last season after wowing in his ‘rookie’ year, and ended room in the vote behind the Bucks, LeBron James and James Harden. In addition, his great performance in the 19-20 helped him to be included in the Best Quintet of the year.

In addition, he is the undoubted favorite to be the leader of the next generation of gamers and the next player who has not won the award to be named best player. Only time will tell if the Slovenian is capable of living up to expectations.