Luísa Sonza wears high heels with crystals and creates versatile looks with sandals. Photos!

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Luan Santana asks Luísa Sonza for respect in live

Last weekend, Luan Santana stopped the live that was being held alongside Luísa and Giulia Be to ask the singer respect. Whindersson Nunes’ ex-wife was attacked during almost the entire presentation with comments “Fora Luísa”; criticism of the artist has taken place since she started dating Vitão. “I want our fans to help us convince people to practice empathy. Empathy for me is the key word for this moment that we are living in. Luísa can be angry, she can be anything she wants. But the sweetness that she has it in her eyes, I think it passes on to you who are seeing us at the moment “, he commented.

Sertanejo brings singer to tears

Luan then added: “Brazil is watching here two beautiful, talented women, owners of their own lives. And you, my partner, who is there distilling hatred on the internet, haters, this ‘train’ there … listen here: they will not stop, man. It’s no use, forget it “. Emotional, Luísa was the tears. “Guys, I’m not going to be able to speak, no,” replied the artist. On the internet, fans got together and uploaded the hashtag “Luisa deserves respect”. Luan, Luísa and Giulia had a virtual show at the Palácio do Cedro, in São Paulo. The trio sang songs from their own repertoires, in addition to great MPB classics and international hits.

Artist ventes after criticism for assuming courtship with Vitão

After making her relationship official with Vitão, Luísa sent a message to the haters who have been chasing her since the beginning of her career. “I have grown, evolved, changed, changed, I had three hundred styles, I sang everything that is music … It never mattered! No attitude of mine, things I really did, mattered. Never did any of the attacks come from things I have done, everything invented things. For me, it doesn’t matter what you’re thinking anymore, it doesn’t matter whether or not you think anything of me. especially for things I never did and would never do with a human being. I think you don’t deserve that attention, you know? You don’t deserve it! “, he shot.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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