Luísa Sonza stars in a sexy travel test and Vitão complains to his girlfriend. Look!

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Luísa Sonza considered not making dating public

Before going to Mexico, Luísa Sonza and Vitão performed “Flores” at MTV Miaw 2020. The famous singer was also thrilled during Luan Santana’s live, when the singer asked for empathy and an end to the attacks on her by her relationship with Vitão. The gaucho came to consider not exposing the novel publicly and explained the reason: “Regardless of how it is, whoever it is, if I feel like talking about it, I speak, if I don’t feel like it, I don’t speak. It’s bad to live hidden, it becomes a apprehension, so I think that my personal life should be treated naturally and never be something bigger than my job, because I am a public person for my music, and not for what I do or not “, he commented.

Singer defends herself against accusation of racist act

More recently, Luísa Sonza saw her name involved in a controversy. The singer was sued for an alleged racist act committed against a woman at Pousada Zé Maria, during a gastronomic festival in Fernando de Noronha, in 2018. On her Twitter, the singer defended herself against the accusations. “Guys, this is all a lie! Don’t believe it! I would never have that kind of attitude. You know me well, you know my character, my nature,” he said. According to the legal team of the famous, this is a false accusation and “all administrative and judicial measures will be taken to protect the honor and intimacy of the artist”.

(By Rahabe Barros)


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