Luis Suárez’s bombshell: “Maybe it bothered them that I got along with Leo; I don’t know …”

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The Gunman hinted that the Barça leadership fired him because they wanted to get him away from Messi. He benched his friend, said that the club “should have respected his decision” and said what he will do if his former team has to score a goal with the “mattress” shirt.

Hours after breaking the silence in Uruguay, after the Uruguayan triumph over the Chilean team, for the first date of the South American Qualifiers towards the World Cup in Qatar 2022, Luis Suarez aired for 90 minutes, on ESPN, and He threw a bomb: that in his opinion they threw him out of Barcelona to get away from his friend Lionel Messi.

“If they fired me because they wanted me away from Messi? A picture is worth a thousand words … Maybe it bothered them that I got along with Leo; I don’t know … Maybe because of that relationship we looked for each other so much on the pitch and they didn’t like that, but we did it for the good of the team, “said the Uruguayan who now brings joy to Diego Simeone’s Atlético de Madrid.

On November 22, the team of the Cholo He is going to receive Messi in his stadium, and Suárez will surely start. What are you going to do if you have to score against your former club? “If I score a goal against Barcelona, ​​I don’t shout it; but maybe I’ll point somewhere … heh” he said with a evident charrúa mischief.

Returning to his exit, the Gunman He remarked that he does not believe that Messi’s actions were the consequence of what they did to him, but he did highlight how bad the leaders were when they did not keep their word: “That was not a gesture towards me, it was a decision that he I wanted to drink and Barcelona should have respected her. He has to be aware of what it is for Barcelona and for world football. “

1 First, I feel a weird feeling from playing a Playoff game in an empty stadium with no people. But later, I do it with the same desire as always, against a difficult opponent, who was beaten, which is what we wanted. ”

2) “It was special to play for the national team again after so long. Those days of great sadness are over and joy that I lived (because of Barcelona) “.

3) “Here it is more difficult than in Europe, and we” Europeans “know it. The South American is the longest of all the Qualifiers, and apart from all that it entails: long trips, high-altitude matches, and so on. “

4) “Obviously Leo is missed. The good thing is that today with technology we are constantly talking. We always talk. After every game “.

5) “Many things are missed, it’s like Leo said in that message. Drink mate, get to training, spend the day together. Our children grew up together.”

6 ) “I never had any problem with the Barcelona board. I’ve been saying for a long time that Barcelona needs a young man. “

7) “I was always at the level of what the club needed. And precisely because of all that respect that I had earned on the pitch I think I deserved another treatment“.

8) “What bothers are the forms.”

9) “When Koeman called me I already knew what was going to happen. He called me and said he was not going to take me into account. “

10) “I put everything on my side because I didn’t want to be a hindrance“.

11) “The moment you tell me, no. He confirmed what I had already seen in the press, what people said, because honestly no one from the club had said anything to me until then. But, well, I spoke with my lawyer and we looked for the best solution for the club and for me. “

12) “I went to the club, I trained quietly and I was returning home with my head down“.


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