Luis Suárez: the Spanish press surrendered to his feet and a statement that is exciting

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“Sometimes it is important for a player to change,” he remarked after the game, in which he excelled with a double.

One of the great attractions in Sunday’s preview for the Spanish league was the presentation of Atlético de Madrid with its star signing: Luis Suárez. I would play? Wouldn’t it play? Could it debut? Cholo Simeone had hinted in the preview that Suárez would be there. But the big question was whether from the start or later. And if it happens, what would happen? Time cleared up all the unknowns and was in charge of showing the Uruguayan in all its dimension, to a dreamed Sunday.

The doubts were dispelled when at 24 of the complement, with Atlético prevailing over Granada by 3 to 0, when he had to enter for Diego Costa, who had already scored at the dawn of the game.

Suárez needed three minutes on the court to get the first assist so that Marcos Llorente put the team room of the Cholo. And the remaining minutes were used to convert a doublet and decorate the marker with a strong 6 to 1.

“Joao’s exhibition and Suárez’s dream debut to beat Granada,” he titled Sports world, one of the most recognized media in Barcelona, ​​where many are already beginning to miss the Uruguayan.

Within the comment, the journalist Chema Fuente dedicated a paragraph to the performance of Joao Félix. “Great game for the Portuguese. Great game for Atlético. The Portuguese sneaked into Luis Suárez’s party. Goal, assistance, provoked penalty … His best game since he arrived at Atlético.”

“Suárez’s stellar debut with Atlético!”, Was the headline of another important media in Catalonia: Sport.

“Crack debut. Luis Suárez already scores as rojiblanco. And a double no less. Two goals and a goal assist in just twenty minutes, crack premiere from the Uruguayan striker who took to the field in the 71st minute and his first ball was a goal assist to Llorente, “the journalist César Aznar rescued.

“Double for Suárez in a brilliant presentation”, he headlined ABC. “The Uruguayan striker, who only played twenty minutes, joins the party of a great Atlético, in which Joao Félix also stood out,” says the chronicle.

“It was not a full premiere because the Uruguayan lacked the greeting from the stands, although not the goals because he celebrated his first double as a rojiblanco. The applause will still have to wait, but not the first victory in the League because his team passed over and he thrashed Granada. Two goals and one assist in twenty minutes, the first contribution of an exciting signing “, the chronicle of J. Abizanda dedicated to him in a paragraph.

“Gale Luis Suárez” was the title chosen by As, another of the important Spanish media.

“Suárez debuted with a double and a great assist to Llorente. Diego Costa does not give up and opened the win in a game in which João Félix shone,” he also said.

“If a few days ago everything was black after what happened in Lisbon and the lack of signings, now everything looks rosy, with the three dots, with João Félix as the star and with Suárez in a threatening plan. In twenty minutes he scored two goals and gave an assist. It started in a gale plan. As if that were not enough, Costa contributed his own to the very good game of the team. Cholo. Granada hardly appeared, “commented journalist FJ Díaz.

For his part, Marca titled “Apotheosis at Wanda: Joao and Suárez conquer the ladder”.

“He appeared on the pitch with the game resolved, things as they are. The first thing he did was assist Llorente for the fourth goal for his team. The second, he went around his own with a cross shot after receiving a candy from Koke. The third , running into the VAR when he was about to take the penalty that he himself had forced with a great movement and that the referee had indicated. The fourth, finally, head crossed to the cage a service from Llorente from the right. The last , to lodge the second in the goal, and for the particular double, what the post had denied to the first. Here Atlético, here Luis Suárez “, was the entire first paragraph narrated by journalist Alberto Barbero.

“Sometimes it is important for a player to change,” said Suárez after the match and stated: “I come to a club that has given me a spectacular welcome, it shows in the atmosphere, you get a good impression from the beginning and you can see that. in the field “, the Uruguayan shot sharply, marking differences with his former club, Barcelona.

Atlético Madrid had an exciting debut and destroyed a Granada that had won in its first two presentations. Of course: this time the flashes were not taken by Diego Simeone. Pistolero Suárez had 20 devastating minutes and it was everyone’s comment.


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