Luis Suárez started to cry at the Barcelona farewell act: “A human being who has feelings is leaving”

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The Uruguayan had a lump in his throat as soon as Josep María Bartomeu gave him the floor. His wife Sofía Balbi, Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo were to accompany him.

A six-year, 198-goal romance is over. The era of Luis Suárez in Barcelona is over. And the end came in an emotional act in which the implacable Uruguayan scorer couldn’t help the tears. If he Gunman He showed his most human side and broke into pieces when saying goodbye to the club where he showed his best version and formed an anthology society with Lionel Messi.

“Be grateful (through tears). Everything is very unforeseen because I have nothing prepared (more tears). Be grateful that they trusted me in 2014 after a mistake I had made. It is not easy to accept that and they treated me wonderfully since I came. I came to fulfill a dream, to play in the best team in the world. I have to be very proud of everything I did. For taking me friends. It’s been many years and that makes me happy. A human being who has feelings leaves, “Suárez started with a lump in his throat after the president of the Catalan club, Josep María Bartomeu, dismissed him with honors and with the promise of a fired match when he decides to retire.

And Suárez continued: “My family, they have enjoyed the good and the bad they have helped me. They know the suffering I experienced. But I keep everything nice. Let my children see me score goals, next to the best player in the league. history Thank the fans for all the love and appreciate the effort I made, the staff who work every day. That the culés always know that they will have one more culé wherever he is“.

The scorer was accompanied by his partner, Sofía Balbi. Also, of course, his friend and compadre Lionel Messi, who arrived early at the Camp Nou accompanied by Antonela Roccuzzo, was present. A fraternal friendship that will never be broken. Now they will be rivals. In the next few hours, Suárez will join Diego Simeone’s Atlético de Madrid. It remains to know what will happen to the Argentine, who could not escape via the burofax and is increasingly left alone in the club of his entire life.

Especially what happened in the last time, from the moment in which Ronald Koeman informed him that he would not have it in his plans and, almost simultaneously, Messi forced himself to terminate his contract and seek new horizons, Suárez described it as “a crazy month”.

“There were also times to say things that one did not think. Things have been invented, things have been leaked that are not true and that is unworthy, but you must get away from everything. Everyone knows the relationship we have with Leo Messi. When they arrived they said “Be careful with Leo, who is a forward.” And I am a forward and they said it was bad for him … I have to go proud. “

On the other hand, Suárez told what his first feelings are when imagining the first match in which he will face Barcelona and Messi.

“When Barça told me that they did not count on me and put me on the market, there were many offers. But I was able to compete with two teams like Barça and Madrid. And I had no doubts when they offered me to go to Atlético. I have digested the farewell, I have not yet imagined what it will be like to face Barça, against former teammates and friends … But we will try to make a nice game “.

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