Luis Suarez spoke about the controversial outbreak of coronavirus infections in the concentration of Uruguay that has turned on the networks especially after the dissemination of a photo in which several players appear without keeping their distance and without a mask.

“There are many people who are criticizing us, we made a mistake and we ask for forgiveness. Nor should we make it so big, we must recognize it as far as we can. We will take over if the responsibility was ours“, he said, in ‘Punto Penal’, a Uruguayan sports program.

Regarding the photo, however, Suárez assures that it was not the fault of that moment: “The contagion did not come from the photo, that is clear. We were unlucky to have someone infected from Colombia. The positive from Matías Viña was a very hard blow for the entire squad, “he explained.

In addition to asking for forgiveness, Suárez admitted that they lowered their guard a bit with the pandemic situation and sent an awareness message: “We lower our guard a bit but we have to be realistic: it is inevitable. May this serve for all young people and for all the people that no one is immune that we have to take care of ourselves beyond that you do controls every day “.

Personally, the Atlético de Madrid striker claims to be having a bad time because it looks forced to live away from his family as a precaution: “As a father, I’m having a really bad time. I can’t see my family after spending many days concentrating. I am locked in an apartment. My children did not know that I had come and they visited me from a window 50 meters away. It becomes very difficult, “he explained.