Luis Suárez and his first words at Atlético de Madrid, away from Lionel Messi

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The Uruguayan forward chatted with Diego Simeone, trained with his new club and is ready for a new challenge in his successful career.

Although he admitted that his conversations with coach Diego Simeone are “a plus for wanting to come” and the greatness of Atlético de Madrid, Uruguayan striker Luis Suárez focused on his way “of competing and living” as a determining factor for his signing, because they make “want to want to feel what it feels like in the Aleti”. His era next to Lionel Messi at Barcelona was left behind, of course.

Suárez thanked the words of his friend and former partner, who said goodbye to him very warmly on Instagram, with a stick to the Catalan leadership in the middle. “It comes from a person who knows me, who sees me training day by day and knows the desire and enthusiasm that I put into it when it comes to work. And that makes me proud,” he said.

His marathon Friday that began with his arrival at the Adolfo Suárez-Barajas airport in Madrid, continued with the medical check-up, continued with the signing of his contract for the next two seasons, extended into the afternoon training and ended with the statements provided by the club to questions from the media.

I saw Aleti from the outside and motivated you by the way you compete, by the way of living and by the intensity it has in the games. That makes you want to want to feel what he feels and it was a granite more than what both the coach and the Atlético people can contribute, “he said.

“The motivation of coming to play for a great from Spain always helps you make these kinds of decisions. It’s a great team, which has great players. And it has a competitive team, which always fights to be up there in the League. And Obviously, the fans he has, the coach he has … That motivates a lot, “he said.

Simeone spoke with him throughout this process to sign for Atlético. “The conversation you have with the coach is always a plus for wanting to come to a team like Atlético. It is something that motivates you. With the way he speaks to you, it is one more conviction to help you make this decision. My desire was going to be. I really wanted to come here, “he declared.

“I have come to contribute one more grain of what Atlético is, because it is great. In the previous leagues, not in the last, it has always fought to the last with Barcelona and Real Madrid. I come to try to achieve important things in a team that He is always staying there on the brink of some finals, “continued Suarez.

Advised by his compatriot Diego Godin and the French Antoine Griezmann that the change to Atlético de Madrid was “good”, the striker looks to the present without stopping in last season’s knee operation.

“They are things of the past and the best thing to do is forget. Now what I do is be at the highest level and train as much as I can to try to perform in the games,” said the “9”.

He does not believe that Atlético should vary his game for him. “A player cannot change the philosophy or the way a team plays. A player has to come to adapt to what is the dynamics, the enthusiasm and the desire that the team puts in him. And his way of playing, “he said.

“I went from Ajax to Liverpool, totally different. And from Liverpool to Barcelona, ​​totally different. In the teams I have been I have tried to adapt in the best possible way,” he stressed.

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