Luis Enrique he has a lot to analyze after the suffered draw against Switzerland. Among other things, in addition to the two penalties that he missed Sergio Ramos, the lack of a goal or certain moments of deconcentration.

When he analyzed the game at the press conference, a journalist caught him in a totally resignation. The reporter asked him for a general analysis, especially towards the end of the match when Spain entered the Swiss area when they were already playing with one more.

It was this last detail that left Luis Enrique with the face of not knowing what they were talking about. He looked to his right to ask for help from Pablo García Cuervo, the communication manager of the National Team, asking him about the expelled, and once the doubt was resolved, he answered.

The expelled Swiss footballer was Nico Elvedi, who in the 79th minute saw his second yellow card in this match.

The defender went to the locker room precisely for knocking down Alvaro Morata and cause the second penalty that Ramos missed. It was he himself who saw the first yellow of the game, at a quarter of an hour.