Luis Arce, president-elect of Bolivia: “We will always recognize Evo’s leadership, but this is going to be my government”

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He says that he will make an administration supported by a Movement for Socialism (MAS) “renewed” and with the intention of “governing for all.”

A government supported by a “renewed” Movement to Socialism (MAS) and with the intention of “rule for all” These are the working bases proposed by Luis Arce, virtual president of Bolivia after last Sunday’s elections, as he highlighted in an interview this Tuesday with the Efe agency.

Arce, who confirmed the need to give way to professionals, young people with “commitment” and social sectors that were not taken into account, said that he is not unaware of Evo Morales as “mentor” and “historical leader” of his party, although he pointed out that the new Executive will be your Government.

-How have been the hours after meeting that you practically won the election?

-Today has been a day, rather, quiet, because we have been able to sleep the normal eight hours, not the night before, because we were there until 03:00 to 03:30 in the morning because of the vote count, with the press. Now much calmer, more relaxed.

-Have you talked to Evo Morales (who is in Argentina)?

-Of course, we have spoken with him, he was also happy, we did not do it until last night, we have spoken with him. We have been with a very different agenda.

-What is the style of government that you want to have?

-In our Government what we are going to do is include more young people, it is MAS 2.0, it is a renewed MAS. A MAS with changes that must be made, we must continue some good things that we have done, but of course, we must modify others.

-In one of your first speeches you spoke of redirecting the “Change Process” What does this mean?

-There must be much more communication with social organizations, have regular and permanent meetings.

Give space to sectors that in the past did not have access to the instrument such as professionals, youth. and what better, that professionalism and youth come together.

-After the results of this election, does the MAS still think that Evo Morales is irreplaceable?

-I believe that we must differentiate, one, the leadership of the former president, because we will always have him, we will always recognize him, the historical leader, the mentor of this process of change that Bolivia has been experiencing since 2006. But this issue of the elections It is something else. I believe that the elections there were based on social organizations, the MAS militancy and the Bolivian people who wanted a transformation.

-The question that is repeated is whether Evo Morales is going to govern behind Luis Arce. What does he say about it?

-That’s what the right-wing parties have invented to take away our votes, to try to capitalize on some people who don’t like comrade Evo, be it out of hatred, racism or whatever.

We are going to rule. It will be my Government and in my Government we are going to move the country forward.


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