Luis Arce assumes the presidency of Bolivia in a tense climate, with protests and an outrage from Jeanine Añez

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The outgoing interim president is not at the ceremony. Evo Morales’ Movement to Socialism returns to power a year later.

Former Minister of Economy Luis Arce assumes the presidency of Bolivia this Sunday, in a climate of tension with the outgoing interim government and in the midst of a strike in the regions of Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, which reject the return to power of the Movement to Socialismo, by Evo Morales.

The Argentine president, Alberto Fernández; the King of Spain, Felipe VI; the vice president of the Spanish government, Pablo Iglesias; the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, and the president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, are some of the heads of state who will participate in the inauguration ceremony this afternoon.

In addition, delegations from Chile, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Peru, the United States, Uruguay, Japan, Russia and Nicaragua will be present.

Acting president Jeanine Añez left La Paz on Friday to settle in her native Beni, to defend herself, she said, from those who are “harassing her.” That is why this Sunday he does not attend the investiture ceremony.

The members of his government have all resigned. Some await the arrival of their successors in the capital on Monday for official deliveries, but most have already returned to their home regions to be reunited with their families, which the newspaper Page seven read as a rudeness, “break lines”

The Bolivian newspaper The reason He said that all the ministers resigned, among them Luis Fernando López Julio, of Defense; Alvaro Rodrigo Guzmán, from Energías; Alvaro Eduardo Coimbra, from Justice; María Heidi Roca, from Health; Gonzalo José Quiroga, from Development Planning; and Branko Marinkovic, from Economics.

Meanwhile, the Public Ministry of La Paz ordered a immigration alert to prevent the former interim interior and defense ministers, Arturo Murillo and Fernando López, from leaving the country for not responding in an open trial against them for an alleged surcharge paid in the purchase of tear gas.

The MAS Transition Commission, in charge of preparing a report on the management of the outgoing government, affirmed, at a press conference in La Paz, that the situation the new government is receiving is “a disaster.”

Wilfredo Chávez, representative of the Commission, argued: “We are receiving information from a government of the disaster, chaotic information, which unfortunately only demonstrates and proves almost a year of chaos and robberies in which the transitional government was the protagonist,” as quoted by the newspaper Page Seven.

He also denounced that the outgoing government took information from the Ministry of Health and paid millions of dollars to a construction company shortly before leaving power.

On Thursday night, in addition, it was reported that there was a “strange theft” on the case reports of the alleged irregular purchase of respirators for the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the Commission, the Ministry of Public Works proceeded to pay surcharges to the Rosendo Barbery company.

Meanwhile, according to the newspaper The reason, the Armed Forces made it known that they will guarantee respect for the “legally and democratically” constituted government that Arce will lead.

“The Armed Forces are born before the Homeland itself and become the bulwark of peaceful coexistence (…) in compliance with their constitutional mission they guarantee the population the safeguarding of sovereignty, independence, and respect for the Political Constitution of the State and to the legally and democratically constituted government “, states a military statement.

Arce won the October 18 elections with 55.10% of the votes and a difference of more than 26 points with the second, Carlos Mesa, but civil movements from Santa Cruz and Cochabamba and other groups they question the result and they denounce that there was fraud, although without showing evidence.

In addition, open town councils and marches are being developed in those regions that require an audit of the elections.


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