Lucas Pratto was injured and will not be able to play against San Pablo for the Copa Libertadores

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The forward suffered a strained right hamstring and will not travel to Brazil for the resumption of the tournament.

The top active scorer of the Copa Libertadores will be conspicuous by his absence at the resumption of the tournament. Lucas Pratto, who throughout his career has accumulated 25 goals in this international competition, will miss the trip to Brazil. The most expensive reinforcement in the history of River suffered this Monday a strain in the right hamstring during practice at River Camp and was discarded for the duel of September 17, before San Pablo, in Morumbí.

While they have been avoiding positive cases of coronavirus (with the exception of Ezequiel Centurión, of course), in River they cannot escape from injuries. The 32-year-old forward was one of the players on the squad who had trained the most and best, with the aim of arriving sharper at the resumption of international competition.

It represents a real setback for Marcelo Gallardo, who now has only 29 players in the squad thinking about the trip to Brazil and also lost a player in a position that had already weakened in the middle of the pandemic after Ignacio Scocco’s departure to Newell’s.

Rafael Santos Borré, Matías Suárez and Julián Álvarez. That’s the payroll of strikers that he will have to juggle Doll to face its first official test on 9/17, and with certainty also for the duel against Binacional in Lima, which will be played five days later.

A real complication If you also take into account that Álvarez was thinking of the kid to use as a right-wing steering wheel in Brazil.

Now Gallardo will have to pay even more attention to the youth, who will surely make up the Cup list: Federico Girotti and Lucas Beltrán appear there, with a huge projection although still very verdes as to face an international competition.

Benjamin Rollheiser does not even work normally with his teammates, as he is still recovering from his torn ligaments. That is, the outlook in the attack looks quite bleak.

Pratto’s distention forces him to think about going through a recovery that would require between 15 and 21 days, as confirmed by Olé, which is why his desire to return to the fields and put an end to the drought that has haunted him for more than a year will have to keep waiting.

Gallardo prays and pleads for the Bear has been the only casualty and that during the 10 days that separate him from the party there are no more imponderables. Because although it was to be expected that the muscle injuries would proliferate, in River they arrived by train.

In mid-August, Paulo Díaz suffered a strained right calf and, although he is already recovered, we will have to see how he arrives for his debut. And a day later, the one who had to suffer an overload was Jorge Carrascal, already freed from that problem.



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