Lucas Lucco’s pet feels sick and singer postpones announcement of baby’s sex: ‘I’m sad’

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Future first-time dad, Lucas Lucco discovered the baby’s sex with Lorena Carvalho in Chá Revelation. In his Instagram Stories, this Saturday (03), the singer, in the process of facial “disharmonization”, appeared crying and asking for prayers for his dog, Uaiti. The pet he adopted during the quarantine will need to undergo emergency surgery and left him very shaken, to the point that he was unable to tell the revelation to fans.

Lucas Lucco asks for prayers for pet: ‘For his improvement’

Wiping tears on video, Lucas Lucco asked the prayers of his followers. “I never came here when I am like this, but today I wanted to ask for prayers for my dog, the one I adopted in this quarantine. He is going to have surgery today and I am very sad, so I didn’t even put the revelation on. We took him to be hospitalized hastily. I wanted to ask you to continue praying for his improvement. I already asked for my groups “, he said, who again looks after hair transplant. Through the social network, the interpreter of “Vai Vendo” posted a photo embracing his companion and reinforced the request: “I love you, my friend. I ask for prayers on behalf of Uaiti. You have no idea how much I love this guy … thanks in advance “.


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