Lucas Bruera, the goalkeeper of the Ascent who dreams of and fights for football without machismo

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She is one of the voices of the #AmigoDateCuenta campaign, which proposes a model of masculinity free from stereotypes, which helps to stop gender violence.

Lucas Bruera, emerged from Estudiantes de La Plata and passing through Chacarita, is the goalkeeper of Villa Dálmine, but his interests go beyond football, since he is one of the voices of the #AmigoDateCuenta campaign, which proposes to reflect on machismo.

As a member of Footballers Unidxs, a group of players committed to social and political reality, joined this campaign that proposes to propose a model of masculinity free from violence and stereotypes and to question preconceived masculinity with the aim of putting an end to gender violence.

“What motivated me to participate in the campaign is to keep growing and learning. You never finish training. No matter how much you go to a thousand talks and courses, you always end up learning new things,” he explained to Clarion the reason why you added #AmigoDateCuenta.

“It seems difficult a football without machismo, but I hope that one day it will exist. Logically it costs and it will cost a lot of work and years, but I think it is not impossible,” he said.

In the Fubolistas Unidxs collective, Lucas supports women’s football enormously. “It is very good that women are included in football. It is very important. There is progress with the promotion of women’s football, television and professionalism,” he said.

And he expanded: “Girls are gaining ground in a place that has always excluded them. It makes me very happy personally and from the collective we are going to the military so that this inequality disappears and in this way the gap between female and male soccer is narrowed. “

The task of raising awareness is not easy. And even less in times of pandemic, where anyone hides behind a user on social networks to disrespect.

In the framework of a virtual workshop on masculinities in football, Lucas suffered in the first person strong injuries, while they were conducting the talk. “It was a very uncomfortable moment that we suffered. Those people promote hatred, they are the anti-politics. It was impossible to give the talk, because every time one would get in to fence,” he said. After eight minutes of continuous offenses, they had to cancel it.

Finally, Bruera spoke about generational changes in the dressing room and homosexuality in football.

“Talking about homosexuality in football is almost a taboo subject. In the changing rooms you can see generational changes. Perhaps before it was one way and now it is another. Little by little that issue is being cleaned up. With certain jokes and charges you can offend someone and that is why we want to eradicate these indirect behaviors and attacks, “he emphasized.

Lucas Bruera is accompanied in the campaign by the urban artist Tiago PZK; Beltrán Horisberger, communicator and LGTB + activist; the sociologist Agustín Pérez Marchetta; and activist Bruno Rodríguez.



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