Luan Santana posts photo with Jade Magalhães after the end of their engagement: ‘Gratidão’

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After the end of the engagement of Luan Santana and Jade Magalhães being commented by the influencer on social networks, it was the turn of the country singer to speak for the first time on the web about the separation. Luan recalled a photo of a recent trip with the ex-bride to Portugal, where the marriage proposal took place. “A few weeks ago we broke up. We cried so hard it looked like it was going to run out of tears in our eyes. We hugged so much it looked like it was going to cramp our elbows … But in the end, we let fate do his job,” wrote the artist in a stretch.

Luan points out reciprocal gratitude for relationship

Currently, Luan is in Tulum, Mexico, due to professional commitments. “Today, sitting on that striped sofa, looking at the moon through the window, on the other side of the ocean, I see that the tears of that moment were half sadness, half reciprocal gratitude for a beautiful story that we live. Epic. Now I see that the hugs of that hour are not they were saying ‘goodbye’, and yes ‘it will be okay, ga’. And it will “, highlighted the countryman. Luan and Jade had been together for 12 years, lived together and had plans to go up to the altar soon.

Singer recalls first meeting with Jade

In another excerpt from the post, Luan told more about the first time that he and the mato-grossense, supported on the web by celebrities like Marina Ruy Barbosa and Maisa after the end of the relationship, saw each other. “She agreed to dance with me, in a number of my show. She had a shy way, a girl’s look and long black hair that reached her waist. She was wearing a red blouse and a glued jeans that caused a strange tingling in her hands. And then , something happened while we were dancing: I smelled life on her neck “, he wrote. According to him, at the time, Jade dismissed him. “My first thought was,” I want to take her to the hotel after the show. “That’s what I thought, that’s what I said in her ear. The answer was a” no “like that, really big – even because I twitched my lip a little when I asked the question, and I must have given her insecurity “, she said.

Luan lists special moments with ex-fiancee

The owner of the hit “Te Vivo” also recalled how their reunion was after the show in question: through social networks. “I remembered those eyes at the time. We started talking. At Orkut, I got MSN. At MSN I got the phone. In fact it was always like that, even after we started dating, always step by step, always without haste, living our phases with patience. “he stated. In a good-humored tone, Luan also listed curiosities about the relationship with Jade. “We never liked wine very much, but we used to drink it anyway, because it seems that every couple has to drink wine to be romantic. Jade likes gin and tonic more than me and campari and whiskey, but we drink champagne when we get engaged in that balloon in Portugal It was an afternoon of stars. I remember that we were drunk once (or many) in Trancoso, and we made love in a tree house, feeling the sea breeze. It was a night of stars “, he recalled. Check out the full post below!


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