Lovely Hauge is fiery: What a format!

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The name Jens Petter Hauge should be written in gold on the block for various large clubs that want a creative reinforcement.

It was the evening of the mixed feelings, after a heroic Bodø / Glimt was sent out of Europe at the mighty San Siro. Objectively considered, the Italian victory was all in all deserved, but much closer to shooting Glimt to extra innings than Ulrik Saltnes was in overtime, it is hardly possible to come.

But the ball went over, the Norwegian club smoked out and the way it happened provides fertile ground for both disappointment and bitterness. “Close, but no cigar” is one of the worst things to come across.

Nevertheless, when the emotions calm down a little, there is one element in this struggle that there is reason to really dwell on: The international format of Jens Petter Hauge. Although Glimt will be weakened from a sporting point of view on the day he is sold, the market value must have gone up after the tricky loss against Milan.

Just listen here:

Jens Petter Hauge had prepared for Kasper Junker’s beautiful 1-0 scoring, which ignited a real hope, but which unfortunately was not allowed to stand alone in the goal record for very many seconds.

Jens Petter Hauge clinked in a new hope at a time when the match seemed to be over, and everything indicated Italian cruise control, which was not the case at all.

Jens Petter Hauge had prepared for several dangers at the back, and created panic tendencies in Milan’s back rows repeatedly.

For a while there was fear that he would have to capitulate to a sore thigh, but fortunately for both him and the club he really managed to show what he is made of.

This is the reason to take it with you, and if you put this on top of other young Norwegian players who stand out both here and there, there is something tingling about what is going on.

In terms of results, it is probably more likely that the European representation will be limited, as Glimt is out, Molde has a difficult starting point in the return against Ferencvaros in the hunt for the Champions League (but is secured Europa League), and Rosenborg will face PSV in the Europa League- playoff. But hope lives on with numbers two and three in the Norwegian club hierarchy right now, and after many lean years, we can still find much joy for Norwegian football in the year 2020.

And when this year is to be summed up, it is impossible not to fall in love with a team like Bodø / Glimt. The yellows have such a clear style, such fine types and such an exciting team that probably only the very best Rosenborg vintages can be compared to them.


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