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Daniela Büchner and Ennesto Monté suddenly want to show the whole world how happily in love they are and post romantic photos on Instagram.

It was just a day ago that Daniela Büchner, 42, and Ennesto Monté, 45, made their relationship public, so the two of them are already giving full throttle.

Danni Büchner actually wanted to take her time

With several love photos and romantic statements, they are now very aggressively expressing their feelings for one another. A bit strange when you look back at Danni’s words from yesterday. Actually, the fivefold mom didn’t want the information to get out to the public, but rather keep her new love to herself for the time being. “First enjoy these feelings for each other for us, let everything come to us in peace, give us time to get to know each other better,” she wrote on Instagram.

Ennesto Monté suddenly becomes very romantic

Today, Danni and Ennesto don’t seem to want anything more about calm. The wannabe pop singer posts a photo together from the car, a boomerang in which both of them stroke their hands and a picture in which he writes the name of his loved one in the sand and surrounds it with a heart – accompanied by “You remember me to love “from” Ich + Ich “and heart emojis. Everything a little bit over it, one might think, because Ennesto Monté was previously known for scandalous quickies at ATMs and penis enlargements. And so one asks oneself: really serious or irony?

Danni Büchner and Ennesto Monté are totally in love

Both Danni and Ennesto seem to be at least mightily proud of their relationship. Both of them state again in their stories that they are now taken – for those of you who may have missed the message on Wednesday (November 18) yesterday.

Even if it all seems a bit artificial, maybe the hormones and feelings of infatuation with Danni and Ennesto are just going through.

Sources used: Instagram


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