Did you ever imagine going to a hotel video game themed? Atari, the classic video game company, will have its own chain of theme hotels in the United States.

These hotels will be present in Arizona, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas and other cities, making up a total of 8 establishments in their first stage.

This project is being worked with GSD Group, an innovation and strategy company with which they seek to create a new generation of hotels destined for the gamer that we all carry inside.

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Hotels for gamers of yesteryear and modern

If you are familiar with the brand, you surely enjoyed its hit classics in the 70s. And, after decades and decades, the company is opening its own chain of hotels.

The first, in Phoenix, Arizona, will begin construction in early fall in the Northern Hemisphere and would be completed in about two years.

The hotels will have spaces for virtual reality and augmented reality, studios for the transmission of games and places for the realization of electronic sports events, according to a Press release.

According to Atari, your hotels will be special because they seamlessly blend the past, present and future of video games and entertainment for a destination that offers guests a unique hospitality experience, complete with state-of-the-art amenities. for fans of sports and content creators.

“Guests can enjoy the latest in video games, experience state-of-the-art immersive entertainment, purchase exclusive Atari Hotels products, and spend the night in retro-style arcade rooms. A fully equipped clandestine disco will be available for adult guests, as well as themed restaurants and bars. Atari Hotels delightfully play on the themes of retro-futurism, pop culture and nostalgia, offering fun for the whole family, ”explains the company.

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The hotels Atari They are also planned for Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco and San Jose, ranging from projects of a few million to multi-million dollar projects depending on the location.