Marco Bjurström, 54, little brother Janek Bjurström died in the spring. He suffered from stomach cancer.

However, the brother still lives with Marco in his thoughts and daily life. Janek owned his wife Laura Apukan and Marco with two Pompier restaurants in Helsinki. Laura will continue as a restaurateur and Marco will support her.

The childhood of the Bjurström brothers was unstable due to the mother’s alcohol use. The parents divorced.

“Even though things didn’t go according to the textbooks, our childhood wasn’t miserable,” Marco says Eve in an interview.

When her mother contracted cancer, Marco and Janek took care of her affairs together and sat next to the hospital bed. It approached the brothers.

When Janek fell ill, Marco stayed by his side as well.

– I’ve brought out my mother and my brother. While death is sad, it also has something peaceful and beautiful, Marco says.

The day after his brother’s death, Marco pulled an online dance class.

– Dancing is the best therapy that can be, he says.

Marco says in an interview with Eve that her brother’s ashes were scattered into the sea around an island in Pelling. The boys spent a lot of time on the island as children and later Marco bought a summer place there.

– When I’m on an island, there is also Janek, Marco says.