“To great evils, great remedies” is what some fans of the Valencia CF what have they wanted protest against Meriton’s management, but that they cannot do it as usual, in the Mestalla stadium with whistles or clothings.

Thus, they have chosen to pull ingenuity, beyond the banners, graffiti, rallies or even candles in the monument to the fans, and, in the purest style ‘El cobrador del frac’ they have wanted to send them a Mariachi band to the restaurant where Anil Murthy, Joey Lim and Kim Koh usually have lunch.

The musicians have accompanied the Valencian leaders from the club offices to your usual restaurant and then back to the offices, in yet another display of a complete rift between the Meriton administration and the black and white fans.

The initiative has been promoted by the group ‘Libertad VCF’, which, in addition, commissioned the mariachis with a special song, with a direct message to the managers: Two-legged rat, original from Paquita la del Barrio.