Los Angeles Lakers, NBA champion: the top ten of the great figures of a legendary franchise

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LeBron James and Anthony Davis claimed the 17th title to be the league’s winningest team alongside the Boston Celtics. Will they be able to displace any of the stars who wore that shirt?

The NBA title is worth one for the Los Angeles Lakers and with this there are already 17 crowns in the best basketball league in the world. But you do have to add two stars to the champion franchise. Two more to your list cracks historical figures who consecrated themselves with the purple and gold t-shirt. Is there a team that size fan of figures has gone through?

If something characterized the Californians, it was the ability to incorporate enormously talented players. Six of the eight top scorers of NBA history, including the top four, played for the Lakers. And the same happened with two of the top three rebounders and four of the top 10 assistants of all times.

The Lakers are the all-star team and a list with the best 10 is worth, without preferential order, although probably a top ten not even enough to do justice with so many figures who passed through the team.

Fourteen years of career, fourteen years of All Star. From a very hard childhood – his father beat him, one of his five brothers died in the war -, Jerry west He overcame it all and became a leading player from his teens.

It was goal scorer of the NBA, five times member of the Best Defensive Quintet, MVP of the All-Star Game and top assistant in a season, but nothing seemed to catch up with him. Even marked a sad record: He is the only loser who won the MVP award of a final (1969).

After eight lost finals, six of them against the Boston Celtics of Red Auerbach in the bank and Bill Russell under the hoop, in 1972 he got his only ring.

Lakers’ second all-time scorer (25,192 points), also enjoys a unique recognition: it’s his silhouette that makes up the NBA logo.

First great figure of the NBA, George Mikan | established such supremacy that it forced to change the rules of the league.

It was decided to expand the three-second zone away from the rim and the 24-second possession clock was started for a reason that is incredible today: a 1950 game in which the Fort Wayne Pistons they decided the only way to stop it was for the Lakers not to touch the ball. The match ended 19-18 and it is, of course, lowest score ever.

Mikan won five titles in six years, played the first four All-Star Games and was the league’s top scorer three times. It is no wonder that the first crack of the league has been a Laker, although he has never played in Los Angeles. It is that Mikan is from the time when the franchise represented Minneapolis and that being “laguneros” was much more logical in the state of “ten thousand lakes.”

One of the greatest forces basketball history has ever seen, Shaquille O’Neal it was maybe the last giant pivot that dominated before the last great evolution of the game.

With 216 centimeters and almost 150 kilos in weight, Shaq became an overwhelming beast He barely set foot in the NBA. He led Orlando to the finals in the absence of Michael Jordan and in 1996 he signed with the Lakers as a free agent.

Despite the endless clashes he had with a young and talented Kobe Bryant, he formed one of the most terrifying pairs of all time. If they had not had so many differences, perhaps his reign would have been greater.


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