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The team of LeBron James and Anthony Davis won the series against the Miami Heat 4-2 after a landslide 106-93 victory in Game 6.

The Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James celebrated a historic triumph in the NBA Finals: they beat the Miami Heat 106-93 in the sixth game, they finished the series 4-2 and champions were consecrated of the league. Is he Title 17 for the California state franchise, which thus equaled its longtime rival, the Boston Celtics, as the top champions.

James was chosen as the MVP of the finals in his fourth title and thus ranks two of those awards and two championships for Michael Jordan, who won 6 with the Chicago Bulls.

The purple and gold set regained glory after a decade -the biggest drought in its history-: his last title had been in 2010 and from the hand of none other than the legendary and tragically deceased this year Kobe Bryant.

The sixth game began with the novelty of the return of Goran DragicSlovenian point guard for the Heat who is decisive: in addition to being the driver – and not having a natural replacement – he is one of the team’s scorers. Coach Erik Spoelstra He decided to take him to the bench despite a tear in the plantar fascia that prevented him from playing for more than a few minutes in the first game.

But the Lakers came out determined to settle the move issue, with the entry of the base Alex Caruso to the starting quintet to the detriment of the pivot Dwight Howard, underperforming player in the finals.

And with that modification, which allowed Los Angeles to line up its best defensive team, it controlled Jimmy Butler, who only scored four points in the first quarter. Hand in hand with James and Anthony Davisunstoppable as usual, those of Frank Vogel They went ahead after the first 10 minutes by 28-20, taking advantage of a partial of 11-4 in the last 3 minutes.

Physical or mental tiredness? The entire Heat seemed to feel the game load of Butler (who rested just 48 seconds in the previous game and averaged almost 45 minutes a night out of 48 possible) and the second quarter, far from narrowing the differences, exposed them.

Lakers took out the entire defensive repertoire: intensity in the front row, rotations, total closure of the painting with aggressiveness and, to top it off, withering counterattacks.

Davis, as a pivot, feasted on the paint and if Los Angeles has enough with him and LeBron, what to say when the others turn on. Was what happened to Rondo region, who had a fabulous income (6-6 in shots from the court and 13 points at the end of the first half) and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (15), who maintained himself as a man of immense worth.

The result, at halftime, was scandalous: 64-36, a difference that has never been traced in the history of the finals.

Far from letting go of the accelerator, LeBron continued with his sights set on his goal and by the end of the third quarter he was already bordering a triple-double (19 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists), which was heading him towards an MVP also intended – and with arguments- by Davis.

The wing thing, in that sense, was all a display of physical might: At 35 years old, with a load of minutes played during his career that puts him among those who have spent the most time on a court in history, he was still fresh as a lettuce and punishing without mercy.

This is how a final quarter was entered with an already overwhelming statistic: of the 56 times the Lakers started the last 12 minutes ahead, they won … all 56.

Miami continued to fight and for the first time that night started a little better than its rival. It was, after all, the demonstration of a dignity that accompanied them throughout the final series in a magical season that saw them eliminate the best team in the regular phase -Milwaukee-, a candidate like Toronto and fight with noble weapons against the Lakers.

They were possibly the team with the best attacking game ever given away. But they say it’s the defense that wins the championships. And there the Lakers, especially in this series and in this consecrating game, were unparalleled. And they had LeBron James.



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