In a 2020 in which the parties are more than limited due to sanitary security measures, seeing a group of athletes hugging, pouring champagne and dancing and jumping becomes almost strange.

Los angeles lakers showed the joy of conquering the title of NBA champions in the dressing room of the Kissimmee court, moments after winning the sixth game of the finals against Miami Heat.

They started a bit cautious, like the volcano that is bubbling smoke before exploding. With a LeBron James, Undisputed MVP, trying to contain their emotions, in the end they ended up taking the champagne bottles to throw them over. The moment one opened, they all opened.

Everything was measured to the highest detail, to the point that everyone present had diving goggles to prevent the liquid from getting into their eyes. The commemorative jerseys and caps were drenched in a celebration that no player or coach was spared.

For example, Phil cell phone, assistant technician Frank Vogel, He recorded from his mobile how they lived it inside the locker room. The joy overflowed in a team that suffered at the beginning of the year one of the greatest tragedies in its history.

Also the legends of the Lakers celebrated it, although they were off the court. For example the historical James Worthy, today a television commentator, forgot the safety regulations and lit a victory cigar to pose next to the champion’s trophy.