Los Angeles Galaxy wants to retain Cristian Pavón, but negotiates a reduction with Boca

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The manager of the former team of the Twins Barros Schelotto revealed that they are in negotiations to retain the Cordovan forward. In addition, the representative of Kichán spoke clarifying the position of the Cordovan striker who is in the MLS.

The return of Cristian Pavón to Boca is “verde” still. Los Angeles Galaxy, club in which the Cordoba footballer is currently playing, ensures that the player wants to stay in the MLS and that they are in negotiation with the Argentine club. Meanwhile, the representative of Kichán, Fernando Hidalgo, reported that Pavón has no preferences but seeks to consolidate economically. What will happen? This story is just beginning …

Guillermo Barros Schelotto’s departure from LA Galaxy due to poor team results “angelino” It led us to suppose that the return of Pavón to Argentina to wear the Boca shirt again was almost a fact. More than anything because of its high purchase option: $ 20,000,000! Also because it is not known if the new LA Galaxy coach, who is not confirmed (Dominic Kinnaer is the interim manager), will take it into account. But Dennis Te Kloese, the general manager of the club, who was involved in the arrival of the Cordovan to Major League Soccer in 2019, referred to the future plans that the American club has with respect to Kichán and announced that they will negotiate with Boca for the Argentine.

“It is an issue in which we are analyzing and we think about the good relationship we have with the Argentine club (for Boca). At the end of the day, and within the conditions we can offer, hopefully we can continue to have Cristian’s continuity”, clarified the Dutch manager of LA Galaxy at a press conference. And I add: “Cristian showed with his performance all his commitment to the club and that he really wants to stay here.” Although the panorama is not easy …

In these next few weeks we will negotiate with Boca Juniors. Obviously, the moment we live economically is different from 18 months ago, but hopefully we can achieve the continuity of Pavón ”, admitted Te Kloese. “The footballer, with his performances, showed us that this is where he wants to be and we will do everything possible to fulfill his wish”He expressed referring to the player who is on loan at the institution until December 31. Although this week he received a special award from the club for being chosen as LA Galaxy’s “Best Player of the Year” for his 10 goals and 7 assists this season.

In contrast to the statements of the Los Angeles manager, Hidalgo (the representative of Pavón) referred to the issue: “The player has no preference, he will be happy with any decision. But for Pavón its economic solidity is very important ”.

“If Boca finds a negotiating point with the Galaxy it will be very good for everyone; otherwise the player will return, he will play in Boca and there we will see what happens,” he said. He also clarified: “Until now no offer has come to Boca. The clubs are talking, it’s true, they have a very good relationship and when they agree, Pavón will accept the decision ”.

If Pavón already has his jacket insured and available with his number: 7, the one he used in most of his first stage. How is that? Who had that number in the current squad is Pol Fernández. However, after a dispute with the Soccer Council, it was confirmed that the midfielder will not continue in the xeneize and, therefore, his shirt would be vacant. With that number on his back, Pavón played 128 games, scored 32 goals and won five titles at the La Riera club.

Julio Buffarini has a contract with the institution until mid-2021, but he did not reach an agreement to renew the link and would leave in December. From the club they wanted to improve the value of the dollar (which today charges 50 pesos) without modifying the amount and extending the link until 2022. While on the player’s side they wanted to sign for 2 seasons and add prizes for objectives achieved.

The driving led by Juan Román Riquelme did not slacken and neither did the footballer. For this reason, Boca tried to reinforce the position by looking for Chilean Mauricio Isla, who was a priority, but decided to go to Flamengo. And then the negotiation for Fabricio Bustos, who continued in Independiente, also failed. “He who does not want to be in Boca, who is not”President Jorge Amor Ameal had said and Vice Juan Román Riquelme endorsed. And that is what, at least until now, has been happening. Will the same happen with Buffarini? It will be seen …

In the case of Guillermo ‘Pol’ Fernandez, the club’s leadership released a statement clarifying the situation: “In recent days the player communicated that he did not want to continue in the institution,” throwing the ball to the footballer. They also warned that due to this decision they will not make use of the purchase option as they had agreed: “Boca will not make such a great purchase effort.” To end the message, they fired him by wishing him “luck and successes in your career”.

This is interpreted that the player will no longer play in Boca. And it has even transpired that his next destination would be Celta de Vigo, who has just hired Argentine Eduardo as DT “Chacho” Coudet and expressly asked the midfielder.




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