Looking to buy Little Peaches Baby Rompers for my newborn.

“I want to purchase Little Peaches Baby Rompers for my newborn baby. The pack of 1 with 100% cotton material is perfect for both baby boys and girls.”

Little Peaches Baby Clothing

Product Description

Little Peaches is a brand specializing in baby care and infant clothing covering 0-3 years of age. The vision of the brand is to build & earn customer trust by providing them top-notch quality (European standard quality) baby products at reasonable prices. Their hand-picked products are made with unique designs and fabric quality, all made from 100% cotton. Little Peaches also donates a portion of their revenue towards empowering women from rural areas to support their family and livelihoods.

Newborn Clothing

The newborn line includes rompers, onesies, overalls & bodysuits that have multi-color prints, animal prints and Tye Dye techniques which makes it attractive for any little one. All clothing products are hand-picked to provide baby-friendly designs with pure fabric quality ensuring all-day comfort for your little one.

  • Sizes: Newborn | 0-1 Month | 0-3 Months | 3-6 Months |6-9 Months|9 -12 Months|12 -18Months|18 -24Months|24 –36months
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Baby Full Hand Rompers

Little peaches brings full-hand babies’ clothing designed carefully using soft cotton material for all-day comfort featuring amazing fun-inspired prints which super soft against the skin without causing irritation or discomfort because they contain nickel-free popper buttons ensuring your child’s safety even when wearing these clothes every day.

Baby Half Hand Romper/Sleeveless Romper/¾th Sleeves Baby Sleepsuit/Romper/sleepsuit/Bodysuits/Jumpsuit For Babies:
  • All Little Peach rompers come curated based on export-quality detailing that keeps children’s maintenance levels comfortable while maintaining an elegant look perfect for light occasions like birthdays or photo shoots.
  • The Stylish sleep suits/bodysuits have cute solid-colored print designs making them both trendy yet comfortable enough so babies can enjoy wearing them throughout the day.
  • The sleeveless bodysuits/Rompers fulfill various different requirements such as keeping cool during hot humid weather conditions without compromising style since they’re available in trendy colors.
      Packaging Details:

    Package Dimensions : ‎40.64 x30 .48×2 .54 cm;200 Grams
    Date First Available‎ :28 January20203
    Manufacturer‎ :LittlePeaches


    Item model number ‎LP34BR001812M


    LittlePeaches ItemWeight:

    No colorFastness& NoSkinAllergies.Export QualityProducts.Allthegarmentsareproducedusinginternationalqualitystandards.PackageContent:
    OnePieceof¾thRompert.ColorsandDesignsAsShownInTheMainImage.STYLEDETAILS InfantromperorBabyclotheswithsnapbuttonseasydressingchangeanddiaperchangingdon’thavepullingoverbaby head.WashCarePleaseuseBabyCareDetergentsOnlyMachineWashableUnderGentleModeOurJerseyAll-in-Onesareretaintheirshapeafterwashing.

    The packaging details show how much you will receive upon purchase along with its size dimensions making it easier when storing away after use as well!

    Price: ₹595 - ₹395.00
    (as of Mar 16,2023 11:59:26 UTC – Details)

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