Looking for a MINITATU Girls Bodysuit in size 6-9 months.

“I want to purchase the MINITATU Girls Bodysuit for my daughter. It should be comfortable, stylish, and available in her size.”
Price: ₹2,080 - ₹919.00
(as of Mar 14,2023 17:28:43 UTC – Details)

Introducing MINITATU Set of 3 Onesies: The Ultimate Comfort for Infants

A Baby-Friendly Fabric for Extra Comfort

As a parent, you always want the best for your little one. So when it comes to dressing them up, comfort should be the top priority. That’s where MINITATU brings you its set of 3 onesies- made from exceptional soft 100% cotton fabric that keeps your baby warm and comfortable all day long.

The fabric used in these onesies is skin-friendly and gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. It ensures breathability while keeping them cozy at the same time.

Moreover, these bodysuits are designed with short sleeves and round necklines that allow ease of movement without any restriction or discomfort.

Regular Fit Onesie: An Ideal Pick

The regular fit feature makes this set an ideal pick as it provides enough room to accommodate diapers comfortably without making babies feel uneasy or cramped up.

These onesies come in four different sizes ranging from three months to two years old; ensuring a perfect fit regardless of age.

(a) Size:- 3-6 Months :: Chest -42 Cm , Length -39 Cm.
(b) Size:-6-9 Months :: Chest -44 Cm , Length -41C m.
(c )Size :-12-18 Months:: Chest –49 cm,length–46 cm
(d) size :18-24 months:: chest –52cm length–48cm

Minitatu Bodysuit

The Colorful And Attractive Designs

Apart from being super comfortable, these bodysuits boast colorful designs that will make sure your little one stands out amongst their peers! From cute animals prints to vibrant stripes patterns; there is something unique about each piece.

This also makes it possible for parents who like matching outfits between siblings as they can mix-and-match with other pieces from their wardrobe effortlessly!

minitatu pebbles

Made From Natural Skin Friendly Fabrics

MINITATU understands how important natural fabrics are when dealing with sensitive baby skins which is why they use only tested high-quality cotton materials in producing their product line.

This guarantees not just comfort but durability too!

The Perfect Gift For Your Little One!

If you’re looking for an excellent gift idea whether during birthdays or even holidays? Look no further than this fantastic set-of-three Minitatu infant bodysuits!

They’re perfect gifts because they don’t just offer style but also optimum functionality.

In conclusion,

With MINTITU SET OF THREE ONESIES every parent can rest easy knowing that whatever activity their child gets into throughout the day— playtime nap-time feeding time —these sets have got them covered!

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