Lollapalooza Argentina rescheduled its 2020 edition and announced the new dates for 2021

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The festival will return to Argentina only in November of next year. How will the ticket refund policy be, for those who wish to return them.

Confirmed: finally, there will be no Lollapalooza in the remainder of 2020, and the festival will stop over in Argentina on days November 26, 27 and 28, 2021, in the usual property of Hipódromo de San Isidro.

This was announced by the production this Friday, September 4, in a detailed statement in which it detailed how the production will be carried out. return of tickets, in the case of those who want to do so, and the validity of those of those who prefer to keep them until the new edition of the meeting that since 2014 has its local headquarters.

The event was originally going to take place in March, but the pandemic forced it to be rescheduled for November this year, with the original headliners, The Strokes, Guns N ‘Roses and Travis Scott. Now, with the alternative date also canceled, it is a matter of shuffling and giving again.

“Given the facts of public knowledge, what was resolved by the government authorities and the existing health recommendations, we communicate the new rescheduling of the festival Lollapalooza Argentina for November 26, 27 and 28, 2021“, begins the text issued by DF Entertainment.

“We would have loved to offer you another memorable edition this year, but the health and safety of fans, artists, staff, sponsors and our community continues to be our top priority,” the statement continues, noting that “all tickets purchased are valid for the new dates”.

However, the text offers detailed instructions for those who wish to request the refund of your tickets, which can find all the information in the AllAccess official page.

Those who wish to request a refund of their ticket / s may do so from Monday 7 to Wednesday 30 September 2020 inclusive“, clarifies the message. The organization also noted that as soon as possible, it will share the new Line Up 2021.

“Additionally, we will enable a second repayment period which will begin once the new Line Up 2021 is announced, exclusively for those people who bought their ticket / s after 1:00 p.m. on October 10, 2019, the date on which the original Line Up was announced “, adds the release.

Among the general considerations required for reimbursements, it is noted that in all cases “It is mandatory to prove ownership of the purchase”. “If you bought via the web: You must enter the link, select the REFUND option and complete the corresponding form “, he explains.

Once the refund is approved, it will be processed and the buyer will receive an email to the mailbox with which they made the purchase. Depending on the production, “credit card returns will be reflected in your next account statement or, failing that, in the next one according to the closing date of the credit card with which you made the purchase.”

For those who bought at point of sale with credit card there will be two options. Option 1: entering the link, select the REFUND option and complete the corresponding form, after which, once the requirements have been verified, the return will be made. Option 2: attending the La Rural point of sale – Av. Santa Fe 4201 (in front of Plaza Italia) -, once it reopens its doors.

In the event that the buyer has the bracelets in their possession, they must return them to the point of sale at the same time as requesting the refund. At the same time, returns by credit card will be reflected in the next account summary or, failing that, in the next one according to the closing date of the credit card with which the purchase was made.

Finally, for whom bought their tickets in cash at the points of saleThe options are to enter the link and select the REFUND option, to complete the corresponding form; or go to the La Rural point of sale on Av. Santa Fe 4201 (in front of Plaza Italia), once it reopens its doors, with the ID of the purchase owner, and the bracelets, if they are already held by the buyer. The return, in this case, will be made in cash at the same time that the ownership of the purchase is verified.



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