Lola Odusoga published On its Instagram website a special memory of the little Christmases of the past years.

He tells how many years there was a little Christmas at work.

– At one point in my career, I had the pleasure of being with the tube for years to host and host a small Christmas party for a company, where there were always six weekends of small Christmas in a row with the same formula but with changing performers and visitors, Lola says.

– 11 recurring evenings often felt really fun when watching the party crowd, but on some evenings the party was honestly one that didn’t leave a lot of positive for it.

At the same time, Lola tells of a special rapture in which a drunken female party collapsed.

– Once, for example, a female customer who enjoyed it briskly decided to dry her hands in my blazer after going to the toilet, because the toilet paper was out of the toilet. But it is such that this work has both given and taken.

At the end of her message, Lola states how everyone dreams of events and parties.

– But I miss it so that you have to wait a bit for that good! Maybe again in 2021?