Actor Hugh Grant turned 60 on September 9th.

The man has had a long and prestigious career as an actor.

His first film was released in 1982 Privileged. He came to the attention of the general public from the hit film Four weddings and one funeral (1994).

After that, Grant became one of the most sought-after actors in the world and made several romantic films, such as the 1999 release Notting Hill and the early 2000s Bridget Jones movies.

Later, he has also taken on more serious roles.

Hugh Grant is one of those actors whose films have almost always been box office magnets.

Grant’s approximately 30 films have produced more than $ 2.4 billion worldwide.

Embarrassing sex scandal

Hugh Grant’s career in the early 1990s was strongly upward.

There was also enough momentum and success in private life. With Hugh and the top model Elizabeth “Liz” Hurley started dating, they became one of the most watched couples in the world.

It seemed that these two great-looking people were like created for each other. The relationship lasted as much as 13 years, but it ended in a very embarrassing sex scandal.

Namely, in 1995, Hugh Grant was arrested in Los Angeles while practicing as a prostitute Divine Brown with oral sex in a public place in the car. Grant was convicted of the case and was fined about 1,000 euros.

Grant’s arrest caused a huge media circus, and his embarrassing arrest image was published around the world.

– It was perfectly expected that it would become such a hulabaloo. Especially when you think about the ridiculous personality that was given to me because of what it was like at Four Weddings, Grant commented on the incident years later in an interview with CBS News.

– I was very naughty. I was very drunk, and yep, I regret it, Grant stated.

– People thought I was this nice character I portrayed in the movie. And I think the contrast between that personality and such grim behavior was juicy stuff. I really understand why it was such a big deal.

The social relationship waned

Grant’s incident happened just before Nine monthsa commercial for the movie. Surprisingly, the scandal had almost no effect on Grant’s career.

– Hollywood is only interested in money. And that film just released was a great success. And it just doesn’t matter as long as you make money, they don’t care what you do.

The sex scandal on the interpersonal front had an impact. At the time, Grant and Hurley had been dating for several years.

– I didn’t even try to say anything to Liz that I have a mental problem that I need help with.

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– I just told him I was an idiot and made what was done, he told me later To People magazine.

Although Liz Hurley stayed by her side for the worst of the uproar, they eventually divorced five years later.

– In the end, we were like a sister and a brother. The reason for this for sure was that as we went through these creepy years, Hugh analyzed the relationship to an end.

The relationship ended – the friendship continues

In any case, the friendship between the ex-couple has been maintained all these years. They have often praised each other since the resignation in numerous interviews.

Naturally, Liz Hurley congratulated her ex-lover on the round years, albeit a few days late. Liz explained Late on Instagram congratulations on having to learn how to make a video capture that could be published on some.

He congratulated Hugh on a dance scene that had been captured from what appeared in 2003 Only love from the movie.

– Happy 60th birthday to the wonderful Hugh Grant, Liz writes in connection with her release.

“She’s a great reinforcement to this humanity, even though she looks like a monkey,” Hurley teased his ex-husband.

– I love you forever, Liz added and sent her kisses.

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Babies in the same with two different women

After stormy years, Hugh Grant’s life has settled down.

Admittedly, she had two children at the same time as her ex-spouse’s actress Tinglan hongin and his current spouse, a Swedish producer Anna Ebersteinin with. Already Hugh had one child with Hong, a 2011 Tabitha girl.

The following year, 2012, she first had a child in October with Anna Eberstein and in December Tinglan Hong gave birth to a son for her.

Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein were married in May 2018. Their third common child was born in the same year. In total, Hugh Grant has five children.