Living in fear in Paris, from Roland Garros to Bastille: a fighter breaks the sound barrier and unleashes panic

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The noise was that of a powerful explosion. It was heard throughout the French capital, mired in eternal fear of a new terrorist attack.

Parisians shook and distressed this Wednesday at 1 pm with a powerful explosion, which was heard in Paris and its suburbs. When everyone communicated to find out where it was and what had happened, the air force called for calm. Was a Rafale fighter plane, in full action of intervention, to accompany a plane that had lost contact, for which he had been authorized to break the sound barrier over eastern Paris.

The deflagration sounded like a powerful blast , which was heard in all paris and the Great Crown. A concern gripped the people, who fear a second attack after the attack on the old Charlie Hebdo newsroom.

Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces, explained to the press that “the Rafale apparatus should pass the sound barrier to carry out an interception mission ”.

A statement from the Air Force command explained that the reasons for breaking the sound barriers over the Ile de France were due “to a real intervention to assist an aircraft in loss of contact and was authorized to pass the sound barrier to help a device in difficulties. I pass it over the east from Paris ”he said.

The Rafale had taken off from the Saint Dizier operational base.

When the security lines began to saturate with restless people, the Parisian police prefecture confirmed on Twitter: “A very important noise was heard in Paris and throughout the Paris region. It wasn’t an explosion. It was a fighter plane that crossed the sound barrier. Don’t overwhelm the help lines. “

In February 2019, panic had been created in a simulated situation in the department of Oise and more than 500 people called the rescue services.

On the street people responded this Wednesday terrified. At the Gare de Lyon, in the east of Paris, there were people who ran and took refuge in business because the sound was huge and close.

The dogs that the owners were walking began to howl at the brutal noise. Everyone called each other by phone to find out what had happened, from each of the Paris neighborhoods. Some buildings shook.

At the Roland Garros tournament in western Paris, the noise surprised the tennis players Stanislas Wawrinka and Dominik Koepfer playing singles. They stopped for a second, looked at the sky, consulted and they kept playing.

An indication of the state of anxiety and fear that reigns in Paris at the possibility of another terrorist attack, which the security forces do not rule out.

Paris is on “attack alert” after the attack on the old offices of Charlie Hebdo and the trial of those responsible for the attack on the satirical magazine in 2015 in the new Palace of Justice.

Paris, correspondent


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