Liverpool had not been scored seven goals since one of The Beatles’ first hits was number 1 in the UK

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The Premier League champion lost 7-2 to Aston Villa. I haven’t received that many since the irruption of “From me to you”, an iconic song of the band born in the city.

Although they referred very little to their football tastes (or the lack of them) during their careers and afterwards, the Beatles’ connection with their hometown, Liverpool, makes them immediately associated with the Reds.

And this Sunday, in the catastrophic 7-2 loss to Aston Villa on the fourth date of the tournament, Jurgen Kloop’s team somewhat traveled back in time to the glory days of those “fantastic four.”

It happens that the team had not conceded seven goals for 57 years. On April 15, 1963, Liverpool lost curiously by the same result against Tottenham, also in visitor status.

They were other times for the club, much more tumultuous than this era that has them as the last European champions before the current monarch, Bayern Munich.

That 1962-63 campaign, for example, was the team’s first after ascending from the Second Division, in which it had played the previous eight seasons after suffering the third (and until today, last) decline in its history.

What does that Liverpool have to do with The Beatles? Four days before that hard fall against the Spurs, the United Kingdom was in an uproar with the appearance of “From me to you”, the simple one that the Beatles had recorded a month before and that it would become his first song to hit number one in some lists of the country.

In the United States, on the other hand, it would run with less success (position 41 on the Billboard 100), although it would not alter the worldwide furor that the band would soon unleash, a Beatlemania that was passed from generation to generation and is well alive.

The song had the curiosity that it was the last credited with the authorship of “McCartney-Lennon”: since then, the order of the names would be altered.

That Liverpool would finish the league in eighth place. This Liverpool, protagonist for several years and that in the last tournament reconquered the local tournament after 20 seasons, will surely end in a better location and everything will remain in a curious anecdote that recalled the “marriage” between the team, its name and iconic band.

Beyond curiosity, the quartet was not so closely tied to the most important club in the city and, in fact, it was even closer to the archrival, Everton.

McCartney has said that he sympathizes with both, but that in “an extreme situation” he supports the “blues”; Ringo Starr is said to have been an Arsenal fan and both John Lennon and George Harrison had almost zero interest in football.



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