Live: Joe Biden’s first speech as President-elect of the United States

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The triumphant candidate of the Democratic Party called to close the crack: “Not Republicans, not Democrats. The United States is one ”.

The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, gives his victory speech in the city where he resides, Wilmington (Delaware), in front of several hundred people concentrated in the place.

“We have won with the highest number of votes in history,” he emphasized when opening his speech. And he said he was surprised by the hope he sees in people that “tomorrow will be different.”

“Must rebuild the soul and the pillars of this country. And it doesn’t go through Democrats or Republicans. We cannot think of ourselves as enemies. America is one country“, he remarked to begin to close the rift that divides the Americans.

He also spoke to Trump supporters. “I understand that you are sad, I have also lost elections. But it is time to be together, it is time to unite to heal the country.”

Many of the supporters arrived by car, in a type of rally that has become fashionable in the Democratic campaign to maintain social distance during the pandemic, but also many others approached on foot to concentrate as close as possible to the lectern from where Biden would give his speech.

Organizers set up two large screens for the speech, the most anticipated since polling stations closed Tuesday night.

Delaware’s largest city, the state that is Biden’s political birthplace and where he has lived most of his life, was eager to celebrate the president-elect’s first night.

Before the speech, his running mate, Kamala Harris and vice president-elect said: “The soul of the country was at risk, the world was watching us carefully and you brought relief to the United States. The American people care for democracy. “

And he added: “For four years you protested in search of equality and justice. And at the time of voting They leaned for decency, hope and truth by electing Joe Biden as the next president of the United States. “

Kamala made history by becoming the first woman ever elected to serve as the US vice president, as well as the first black woman to take office, when they both take office on January 20.

Biden, a traditional politician who has been chasing the presidency since the 1980s, will finally see his dream come true in January, after surpassing the barrier of 270 delegates to the Electoral College this Saturday, according to the projections of the main media.

During his speech, Biden also referred to the coronavirus pandemic and confirmed that he will form a working group against the covid-19 pandemic this coming Monday, to begin developing his strategy more than two months after taking power.

The team will be made up of 12 members, according to Axios, and co-chaired by three of them.

One of them will be Vivek Murthy, who was a US surgeon general between 2014 and 2017, during the Barack Obama administration; and another, David Aaron Kessler, who was head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) between 1990 and 1997, under Presidents George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton.

Biden became the US president-elect this Saturday after having conquered the key state of Pennsylvania, according to the projections of the country’s main media, while the already outgoing president, Donald Trump, still did not recognize his electoral defeat.

The Democrat also became the presidential candidate who has won the most votes in US history and surpassed the magic number of 270 delegates he needed in the Electoral College when the media confirmed that he will win in Pennsylvania when they are all finished counting the votes.


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