Behm tense. She plans to play the song she made for her mother.

– I hadn’t told anyone I loved singing, no one knew. My father only found out about it when I had made a cost agreement. “Oh I didn’t even know you were a muse type,” Dad said. For my friends, too, my love for music came right off the bat. When I played my song to my mother, I wondered what if there was a complete collision, Behm now remembers, on a September afternoon, a moment from years ago.

Behm had never dreamed of a career as an artist, although music had always played a big role in the life of a Lahti-trained chef who had studied sociology.

– I have had a motive to make songs. I did not dream of artistry but I got the joy of creating, making songs. Being an artist involves being present. I’m afraid of losing privacy and I don’t want to brand myself. It would be horrible if people knew who I was but didn’t know my songs.

However, Behm became an artist who lyrics, composes and sings all his songs himself, and whose debut single Hello dear stayed at the top of the charts last week with a weekly deal.

Musical home

At Behm’s childhood home in Lahti, music was constantly listened to, such as Leevi and the Leavings, Eppu Normal and Juice Widow.

– We had a record jury at elementary school. I took Kaija Koo’s cassette there and played Tin Shoe Girl. The others did not realize. The record jury was won by Daddy Dj.

The song experienced a new coming 10 years later in the Life Only program.

– So I was ahead of my time, Behm laughs.

The story continues after the picture.

If, on the basis of Behm’s songs and his images, someone had an idea of ​​a quiet and perhaps even a serious woman, that image could be thrown in the trash. Behm laughs and talks a lot.

– Hey what if I kept my fingers like this, they would become bunny ears, Behm laughs when the photographer asks him to settle down to be photographed.

“No, this is the best,” Behm says, turning left and looking at the camera.

Praise to Apulanna

Behm was a child at the piano school where his mother enrolled him. The Russian piano teacher Tamara did not teach sheet music from behind the language barrier, but Behm learned to play by ear. He still uses the same method when composing songs on guitar.

– My techniques are terrible. I don’t know sheet music, but it’s just good because I have everything based on my mood. Probably some singing teacher would say, Lord God, how are you singing. The punk must be so much that I don’t go to study music.

Behm says on several occasions during the interview that music and creativity have always lived in him. At the age of 15, in biology classes, Behm didn’t always manage to listen but he rewrote the lyrics of the songs. The song Oon in the Mighty became Oon in Money in Behm’s Pen, which told of a big pile of a girl taking out a student loan.

– At the time, I didn’t think it was creation, even though it was. I did a lot of stuff like that.

In 2015, it really started to happen. With her song, Behm applied for Kiss-resistant (inspiration found in lipstick) for the Apulanta and Veikkaus song camp and was selected.

Toni Wirtanen said there could be something here that maybe could keep making music. Toni’s words were really important to me. I may not have said it before, but Toni and Sipe Santapukki were the first to see my potential.

Producer MGI (Henri Lanz), who acted as a mentor at the song camp, fell in love with Behm’s sound as well, and Behm ended up with his publishing company.

– When signing the cost deal, I had to say that I only had 3-4 songs done. They said it was exactly the same as long as it worked.

It worked. Written by Behm in Knot ended up being Little G’s return song, the chorus of which Behm sang. It became an absurd hit.

Behm’s career is also essentially known as Keko Salatana Sakke Aalto, which Behm met in 2018 at the record company Warner’s Spring Festival. Behm, Sakke Aalto and MGI have produced Behm’s debut album Drama Arc, which will be released today on Friday. In addition to Behm and Aalto, Kashwell is also the producer of Hei daras.

As a result of betting, the Hello dear debut single was born with Sakke Aalto. The duo bet on which one would make a better love song.

– It’s annoying that we didn’t agree on any bet. Although who determines which song is best.

Behm reveals that he is a hard-working bettor at all, but only when he is sure of it.

– I bet so, though, that whether Cheek return. I think that he did not do. The time limit here is five years. Or Jare Tiihonen if you’re reading this, don’t make a comeback yet.

The hello dear hit was followed by the songs Tivolit and Frida, who also rose to the charts.

The time for the first TV appearance came last March in the New Music Competition.

– I have had a really bad performance scare, the performance has really scared me. The live broadcast was a good place to rehearse the performance, Behm laughs again.

Tears at the gig

– Sorry, this is over, tears-wiping Behm was told on stage at the Turku Aurafest in early August.

Behm had just sung for the first time in front of a thousand-headed audience.

– I realized at the time what it is about, how it is about connecting with the public. The audience was good to be, I was good to be, I enjoyed. Crying, even though it was a shame at the time, was a genuine feeling and I couldn’t do anything about it. It would be horrible if you didn’t feel anything, then no songs would be born.

Performing in front of an audience is not a matter of course for Behm, for while composing and singing come naturally from Behm, it is different about performing.

– I have always been shy. There were concerts during those childhood piano lessons. It was awful! Even at school, I was afraid of the spring party, which I still wanted, even though I had a performance scare.

Korona canceled twenty summer festival gigs, but the tour is scheduled to go out in October. In the midst of tour reflections, Behm realizes how he employs people.

– So I employ six people! I haven’t thought about it before. Six people who love to call get money from calling and they can pay their rent. So that’s really cool!

The two record celebrity gigs at Tavastia at the turn of September-October are already sold out.

– My first club gig is in Tavastia right away. Exciting and scary. I wish all would remember that I am just a beginner, I’m just beginning my career.

But what did that mother say when Behm first played her songs?

– There was no complete collision from there, Behm says and laughs.

The drama arc Charm will appear today, Friday.