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Will Marcos Acuña recover or will he be replaced by Toto Salvio? Who will be the right back: Montiel or Foyth? The albiceleste DT puts together the strategy to keep up with some variants.

The debut passed and the best news was the 1-0 victory against Ecuador. “It was important to start winning, we know how difficult the Qualifiers are and all matches are going to be that tough,” said Lionel Messi. And now Bolivia looms on the horizon, a lesser rival but one that grows larger due to the height of La Paz.

It is known that the team’s coaching staff will change the usual strategy, the one that contemplates arriving at the time of the game: Messi, Scaloni and the rest of the team they will sleep two nights in La Paz. This Sunday will be the day they travel to Bolivia, so this Saturday there was training in Ezeiza seeking to refine the game that was missing on Thursday. “We expected the level to be something else, but it is logical. It was almost a year that we had not played together and it was complicated. The important thing is that it was won and now we have to continue growing,” Messi continued, after adding the first three points and his goal number 71 with the National Team shirt.

It was a light practice and only this Monday will begin outline the starting team. But Scaloni is not supposed to rehearse too many variants. The biggest unknown is to determine how Marcos Acuña evolves, who was replaced in the duel against Ecuador due to a muscle discomfort. He Egg worked the last days in kinesiology looking to leave behind slight contracture. Reach? It is the great unknown …

In the Candy box, Eduardo Salvio was chosen by Scaloni to replace Acuña so he would be the main candidate. The income of the This de Boca would cause Lucas Ocampos to change the band: he would go from the right to the left. Another who can get in is Exequiel Palacios, one of the favorites of the national team’s coach. The disadvantage of the former River is that he has played very few minutes so far this season. In addition, the inclusion of Palacios would make the tactical drawing mutate from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3, with Messi and Ocampos playing on the wings. And Alejando Gómez? The height does not seem to be an ideal setting for the Papu, 32, do the round trip on the side.

The other question that arises is that of Gonzalo Montiel and Juan Foyth on the right side. River’s defender had a discreet game against Ecuador, but he played under different conditions than those he usually plays with Marcelo Gallardo. In Scaloni’s 4-4-2, Slap He did not have the entire band at his disposal and he constantly collided with Ocampos and Messi in that sector. So, he lost his strength which is to go on the attack with insistence.

Foyth went to Villarreal because he was not playing for Tottenham. The former Students can contribute better aerial game, although he would resign too much in attack.

The rest of the team will be the same, with Armani in goal, Martínez Quarta, Otamendi and Tagliafico in defense, De Paul, Paredes and Ocampos in the middle, and Messi and Lautaro Martínez in attack.



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