Lionel Scaloni, on alert for the unexpected losses suffered by the National Team

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The National Team coach was concerned after Kannemann’s positive and the injuries of Saravia, Marchesín and Correa, and assured that he will wait until the weekend to give the final list.

This week was not one of the best for Lionel Scaloni since he assumed his position as coach of the National Team back in August 2018. It is after announcing the preliminary list of summoned for the expected start of the South American Qualifiers towards the World Cup in Qatar 2022, the technical director received four bad news in the last days.

On the one hand, Walter Kannemann tested positive for coronavirus in Brazil will not be able to be part of the first double date. At its loss, those of Renzo saravia, who suffered a torn cruciate ligament in his right knee, injuries to Agustín Marchesín and Joaquín Correa.

Although he gave an extensive list anticipating this type of imponderable, seven days before his debut against Ecuador, Scaloni lights candles to avoid receiving more bad news.

In a note with the official AFA site, from the bubble set up by the National Team in the Ezeiza estate, the coach referred to these setbacks and detailed the steps to follow: “We will wait until the end of the week to give the final list, which is broad, and we will make the decision over the weekend. The casualties worry us, we hope that all those summoned will finish their matches well. ”

Regarding how it prepares for the commitments against Ecuador (10/8) and Bolivia (10/13) in this difficult context, Scaloni explained: “The pandemic taught us that soccer goes into the background completely. You have to enjoy it and not take it as if it were really life or death, because other things are important. I am currently watching the Copa Libertadores and Europe matches. Analyzing rivals and always getting things from teams that we like. ”

“The preparation will be atypical because we will hardly have time to train. Only a training session for the game and ready the team that will go on the field on Thursday. We will try to take the necessary protocol measures but at some point we will have to have all the necessary players. We are separating them on the two sites to maintain as little contact as possible, “added the coach, regarding the complications generated by the pandemic.

Along the same lines, on the operation of the bubble in Ezeiza, he detailed: “For now we are fine, taking the necessary measures and precautions. We have been in for more than 15 days for everything to work and we hope it continues that well. ”

Specifically regarding the debut against Ecuador, Scaloni analyzed: “In addition to being a difficult opponent, there is the difficulty of the first qualifying match, with players who are not at one hundred and others who have changed clubs in recent weeks. That leads to an extra difficulty. A technician with great experience and who has the same illusion as us of taking his National Team to the next World Cup. ”

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