Lionel Scaloni is already in the country but it is not yet clear when the Qualifiers will begin

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There was no agreement after the virtual meeting between leaders of FIFA and Conmebol. The key will be whether or not European clubs are obliged to yield to the players. The tournament should start in October.

Lionel Scaloni came to the country from Mallorca, the Spanish city where he has lived for some time. And he is expectant, like the rest of the coaches of the 10 South American teams. What will happen to the Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2020? Will they start in October as default? Does the start run for November? Or are they postponed to March 2021? “Hopefully today we have the definition like this, at least we know where to shoot,” said the coach of the Argentine National Team as soon as he left the central hall of the Ezeiza airport.

It cannot be. After a virtual conclave between leaders of FIFA and Conmebol, they did not reach a verdict and there will be a 48-hour intermission that extends the suspense. The key will be whether or not European clubs are forced to give up their players.

Meanwhile, the DT of the National Team has already settled on the AFA premises and relaxed with a fixed bike session.

“It is a very difficult situation, seeing airports like this – empty – is very rare. It is sad and disturbing at the same time. Health is first, but if they tell us that we have to play, we will do it, “said Scaloni in dialogue with TNT Sports.

And he added: “I don’t know if football should return or not, but I can tell you that the anxiety of traveling in this way is complicated. You think all the time about what to play and what not to play, football takes a back seat when life is involved. The people who studied for this will have to decide ”. Of course, the Argentine DT is ready. “We have everything prepared for a long time. We still don’t know what will happen, but everything is ready, thinking that it is going to be played, then we will see what is decided, “he said.

There is a version that transpired in the last hours that European clubs do not want to give up South American footballers to travel to play the Qualifiers, taking into account the serious situation that still South American countries are going through the pandemic. “I do not know if it is a rumor or is it true that the clubs in Europe do not want to give the players. I have a relationship with many of them and, so far, they have not communicated anything. We have to wait for the authorities’ decision, because the date is approaching and we don’t know if it will be played or not, ”Scaloni said in this regard.

The Argentine national team coach also referred to the situation of Lionel Messi. “Luckily, the Messi thing was quick, it was decided and now I hope everything goes well.”

And he kept talking about football. “Surely the first dates of the different leagues will be complicated and the evaluations for the calls will be seen from that side: we will look at who is playing and in good physical condition,” said Scaloni. Of course, the levels shown by your players in the different leagues are decisive for the citations.

“We always give the list thinking of players who were always with us, for now we want to manage with our people. All of them were in the crosshairs and continue to be, but if there is a player who is in a good moment he will be called up ”, explained Scaloni.


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