Lionel Scaloni, after the qualifying debut: “The team was solid, to look for other things we will have time”

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The coach also supported Franco Armani after the victory against Ecuador: “I was always clear who the goalkeeper was going to be.”

With a black chinstrap with the AFA shield on, a little black national team camper and a seriousness that could be seen in his eyes, Lionel Scaloni put his face in front of a microphone to answer the questions of a private press conference after the triumph of Argentina on Ecuador by 1 to 0 with goal of Lionel Messi of penal. A press officer read to him the questions that journalists sent on WhatsApp. Next to the coach was Leandro Paredes, who also gave his answers.

Scaloni was not too expressive. It was not entirely clear if the team left it satisfied or not beyond the joy of starting winning at the beginning of the road to Qatar 2022. And in one of those answers it can be found that he knows that the victory left questions pending. “The team was solid. We will have time to look for other things, “said the coach of the Argentine team. Ergo: Scaloni liked the team structurally but is aware that something was missing.

Solidness is generally associated with tactical order and defensive strength. Therefore, it follows that, taking Scaloni’s phrase, the National Team lacked “things” from the middle forward. He lacked “things” like more fluidity in the game. He lacked “things” like being deeper. He lacked “things” such as generating more goal situations. “There are things to highlight and others to improve. I am left with the desire, with the sacrifice. We will have time to work. The important thing was to get the result forward,” Scaloni continued.

Then the DT added: “It was won, which is the most important to start a competition of this caliber. The conditions were not easy, added to the difficulties of not having been together for so long. There were many players who debuted in Playoffs today. It is not easy to play with this shirt and anxiety is typical of that situation. We were clear that this could happen because it was the first game. “

Playing in a “strange scenario”, given the lack of public due to the coronavirus pandemic and with little work time, were concerns that Scaloni had shown the day before the match against Ecuador in a press conference recorded by Zoom.

On the other side of what needs to be improved, Scaloni took a certainty from the Bombonera. The one with the bow. Or maybe he already had it before the game and the speculations referred more to doubts of journalistic debates than to dilemmas of the head of the man from Pujato. “I was always clear about who the goalkeeper was going to be, but I don’t have to go around saying it a month before. I have a lot of confidence in Franco,” Scaloni answered to the question of Clarion on whether Franco Armani can already be considered their starting goalkeeper having ratified it at the beginning of the Qualifiers.

Looking ahead, Scaloni will pay close attention to the players’ physique. It is that Argentina will play again on Tuesday and at the height of La Paz, no less. “We are going to see how the players recover and then we will think of Bolivia. We know that it is a game with different conditions from all the others,” Scaloni said. It will be seen what the plan is to play at 3,600 meters above sea level, which always implies a great challenge.



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