Lionel Messi’s dream to Newell’s, in the eyes of Nacho Scocco: “It would be very difficult for him”

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The forward said: “I hope that if one day he decides to come, Argentine football will be prepared to support him.”

During the eleven days that went from the shipment of the most famous burofax in history until Lionel Messi confirmed that he was staying at Barcelona, ​​an enormous amount of conjecture was fired. One of them was the dream that Leo disembark at Newell’s, the club where he was formed. Now what the flea He returned to training in Barcelona, ​​it is clear that any illusion was left for the future. But Ignacio Scocco, recently returned to leprosy, warned that in any case adaptation would not be easy to life in Argentina.

In an extensive talk with Libero (TyC Sports), Nacho He again referred to the possibility of Messi retiring with the Newell’s shirt. Beyond her desire to see him with the red and black, he had a very realistic vision.

“It is a difficult decision he has to make. We both started as boys with the same representative, but I could not speak again. They told me that he has the dream of playing for Newell’s, but it is totally different to Barcelona because he has to choose a lifestyle. It will be very difficult for him to live in Rosario. Hopefully, if one day Argentine soccer decides to come, it will be prepared to support it, “he said.

“I recognize a lot – he added – Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo because the most difficult thing is to stay and fight year after year at the first level. Beyond quality, that is what distinguishes them.” That phrase was the trigger to remember his recent passage through River.

The current Newell’s forward was part of the successful cycle of Marcelo Gallardo, in which among so many titles he won the 2018 Copa Libertadores, and he did not hesitate to compare and show the similarity of the Doll with Leo and CR7.

“The cycle in River was a combo of everything. The desire of the player to want to continue growing and winning, and the main thing is to have a head that leads you to that. If you have a head that leads you to think that way and feel that “The footballers are all going the same way and with the same objective. You have to have an ideologue who wants to reinvent himself. That is one of the things that I highlight the most about Gallardo, the continuity in terms of work and his desire to continue winning. Messi and Cristiano, are players and coaches who always seek to overcome what they did the previous year, “he said.

Finally, in addition to getting excited about this new stage at Newell’s together with Maxi Rodríguez, Pablo Pérez and Mauro FormicaScocco analyzed the complicated present of Argentine soccer.

With more and more cases of coronavirus in the teams, Scocco was concerned about the long stop that the pandemic generated. “A week ago I told you that I wanted to play again, today I don’t know. But the reality is that it is very difficult to train and not know when we are going to play again.”


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