Lionel Messi’s Barcelona performance in the Champions League is in danger

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Dynamo Kiev had an explosion of Covid-19 cases and is one more positive to meet the necessary conditions to postpone the Champions League match against Barcelona. They have nine infected and six of them were swabbed on Sunday.

The duel between Barcelona and Dynamo Kiev, scheduled for this Wednesday from 17:00 in Catalonia, is in danger of being suspended. It is because in the Ukrainian team there was an outbreak of coronavirus cases and just one more would be enough for the meeting not to be played.

As soon as the results of the PCR carried out on Tuesday morning are available, it will be known if they will be able to play the match. Dinamo has nine infected footballers, of which six received the news this Sunday after training: he would barely arrive with 13 men from the first team.

In any case, the blue and white cast has already traveled to Spain and has been in the Catalan city since Monday afternoon. Only 19 players form the entourage and six of them are juniors. So much so that the average age of the campus is not even 23 years old.

In this situation, UEFA would have no problem rescheduling the match. As there is still a lot of Champions League ahead it would not be a complication despite the tight European calendar.

According to UEFA protocol, if at least 13 players from List A (including at least one goalkeeper) are available, the match will be played on the scheduled date.

Nikolai Shaparenko, Alexandr Karaváev, Gueorgui Tsitaishvili, Denís Garmash, Danish Mikkel Duelund and Romanian Tudor Baluta were the six cases reported this weekend.

They are joined by Emil Karas (assistant) and four other members of the Dinamo coaching staff. Also on the same list of casualties are Denys Boyko, Heorhiy Buschan and Vitaliy Mykolenko.

Beyond the isolated athletes, the truth is that Lionel Messi and company are in danger of being infected if the commitment between these two clubs ends up being played. The truth is that, both from the sports and from the health, the most sensible thing is not to play. Although for now everything depends on the result of the tests performed.


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