Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi does not accept the way the club treated Luis Suarezia.

The Uruguayan said he would like to stay in Barcelona even if he could no longer fit in the opening line-up. The team’s new head coach Ronald Koeman smoked the man still out of company. The Dutchman told the goalie that he no longer has any use in the team.

So Suárez eventually agreed to move to Atlético Madrid. The clubs announced the matter on Thursday when the deal was no longer ready for medical examination.

Messi wished Suárez had received the well-deserved departure from Barcelona.

– You are one of the most important players in club history, you have won stuff as a team and at the individual level. You shouldn’t have been kicked in the yard like they’ve done now. But the truth is, nothing will surprise me anymore, Messi wrote on Instagram on Friday.

The Argentine opening is understandable, as Suárez was one of his best friends outside the field as well.

– It’s going to be weird to see you in another shirt and even weirder to play against you.

Barcelona showed the door at the end of the season as well Arturo Vidalillewho was also a good guy from Mess.

– How difficult it becomes when I can no longer share every day with you both on and off the field. We will really miss you a lot.

Messi has already removed his update, but millions of people have already seen it.

The Argentine ranks between the leadership of Barcelona and especially the president of the club Josep Maria Bartomeun with are so inflamed that Messi even demanded a transfer in August. However, the club refused the request. So the megastar continues in Barcelona.

However, after the sequel was confirmed, Messi barked at Bartomeu’s very light in an interview with He accused the club boss of, among other things, lying and betraying promises. According to Mess, the club’s management team also does not know how to assemble a top team.

The “flea” is not the only one that breeds the activities of Barça bosses.

– It’s just amazing how they handle things, Neymar commented on the Mess update.

Neymar played alongside Mess and Suárez in Barcelona for the 2014-2015 season.

Source: ESPN