Lionel Messi stays in Barcelona: even when he has a contract with the club

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The link between Leo and the Catalan entity ends on June 30, 2021. But, in January, if his wish continues to be to leave the Blaugrana institution, he can now negotiate with his future club. What if he retires at Newell’s?

Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona now have ahead a contract that binds them until June 30, 2021. That is to say that the year will remain the same, as it has been up to now, with the exit clause of 700 million euros more in force than ever, but with the option of leaving without cost in the middle of next year. Therefore, it is already speculated that Leo will wait one more year and will leave the Catalan entity with the pass in his possession. Not a minor detail: in January 2021 you can start negotiating with another club, if your wish continues to be to leave the Blaugrana entity.

After the decision communicated by the 10 and Argentine captain to continue in the club “culé”, obvious its last renewal, back in November 2017, when Messi agreed with him Barça be in the club until 2020, with an optional extendable year until 2021. Although the footballer could break that bond before the end of the 2019/2020 season, which he managed to specify -as was his wish- by the fine print on the date of communication between the parties. Barcelona says that he won on June 10 and Messi – his family environment and his legal advisers – that it was at the end of this season (that’s why they sent the burofax on Tuesday, August 25).

What is Messi’s contract like? Although the numbers were never released, the agreement that Leo signed in June 2017 stipulated the possibility of terminating every June 30. As it transpired, the exit had to be given by mutual agreement and with a prior notice margin up to 20 days before the expiration date (that is, June 10) so that the club would not leave typing. “The relationship is based on loyalty,” said Bartomeu and company at the time. And that is why they allowed him to include a clause similar to the one used, for example, by other Barça stars such as Xavi, to go to Qatar, or Andrés Iniesta to continue his career in China.

“The captain does not want to be a slave to any renovation – he already has eight – after having stamped his signature for the first time in Barcelona in 2005,” they said in the newspaper El País in May last year.

As El País recalled, Messi’s latest renewal required “six face-to-face meetings and countless phone calls.” And it was never captured in a photo between Leo and Bartomeu.

Only in November, four months after the beginning of the negotiations, the club showed the signature of the Rosario. Through a statement and without many details, they again announced that the contract for 10 was until 2021 and that the termination clause went from 250 million euros (it had been set in the fifth renewal of the Argentine in 2009) to 700 million. Although they did not specify, then, by how much his salary had increased.

But then it turned out that, in that last renovation, Messi signed an annual salary of 35 million euros net per season, which, taken to the gross amount, makes a total of 70 million euros, which is the fixed figure that Messi costs Barcelona every year.

It was also agreed in that last renewal to include the termination clause of 700 million euros in the Rosario contract. In this way, FC Barcelona shielded his crack from the possibility that other teams could try to get his services. It is precisely to this termination clause that the Catalan club refers right now so that Messi can leave (if someone pays for it, of course).

Also, Messi’s contract includes a series of extra bonuses for different purposes. The first one is a Loyalty bonus of 18 million euros net (36 gross). This bonus is signed to reward Messi’s “loyalty” to Barcelona, ​​a club to which he has belonged since the age of 11.

There is another clause in the contract that includes a bonus for winning the Champions League, That amounts to 10 million euros net (20 gross), and that Barcelona has not had to pay, since the last time the team was European champion dates from 2015.

In short: having Messi in the team supposes Barcelona a fixed amount of 70 million per season, to which must be added another 36 million for the loyalty bonus. The amount would have increased by 20 million euros more if they had won the Champions League in one of these last seasons in which the team led by Leo failed in their attempts.

Messi arrived at Barça in 2000, coming from the inferiors of Newell’s Old Boys. He went through Infant A, Cadet B, Cadet A, Juvenil A, Barça C and Barça B. At just 16 years old, in 2004, he made his debut in a friendly against Porto, although it was the following season when his official debut arrived. , in Montjuïc and against the classic rival Espanyol, with only 17 years. Shortly after, he scored his first goal with the first team, the now famous goal against Albacete at the Camp Nou.

One last detail: Messi’s contract states that Leo can go out “at zero cost” if his wish is to finish his career at the club where he was born: Newell’s Old Boys, from Rosario. Will he execute it?




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