Lionel Messi, honored with three impressive murals in Argentina

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There is one in Rosario, another in Córdoba and the rest in Capital Federal. All were made by renowned urban artists.

Lionel Messi received a tribute from urban artists from the local scene who made three impressive murals in Rosario, Córdoba and the City of Buenos Aires in which they highlighted some of the qualities that the Rosario star has as creativity, explosion, speed, determination and hard work.

The three artists are fans of football and Messi and immortalized his figure through the Street art, with reasons in which Leo is seen avoiding rivals and exercising masterful control of the ball.

Mariano Antedomenico He is the author of the Buenos Aires mural that is taking shape in Villa Crespo (Avenida Juan B. Justo y Castillo), Julio César Battistelli is responsible for the Rosario mural on Chacabuco street in front of Urquiza Park and the illustrator Natalia Pretto He did the one in Córdoba, which is at 647 Marcelo T. Alvear Street in the Ituzaingó neighborhood.

“I painted Messi as I always see him, passing players like cones: I wanted to reflect him by being him 100 percent. A beast!”, commented Antedomenico, whose stage name is The Marian. And I add: “For me, painting Messi is the closest I was to being called up to the National Team.”

“The idea of ​​the mural is to tell the power and presence of Leo when the ball is close and how surprising it can be inside a soccer field. Painting Messi is painting football. It was a great challenge, it took me out of my comfort zone ”, assured Battistelli, who in the artistic environment is known as Yaia.

“I was inspired by the art with which he moves and manifests himself in the play space. The ways in which he connects, arms, disarms and celebrates became a starting point to be able to create a graphic and organized piece, based on movement as a drive for life and greatness“Said Natalia Prettoo whose stage name is Prett.

The murals are taking shape and you can follow their progress on the social networks of the artists who created them and also on the Budweiser networks, the beer brand that sponsors Leo Messi and was in charge of put together all this urban movement.



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