Lionel Messi got angry and had a very tense cross with the referee in the clash against Celta

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La Pulga starred in a tough discussion with Del Cerro Grande after Lenglet’s expulsion in the first half of the match that Barcelona won.

Lionel Messi’s Barcelona beat Celta 3-0 in Vigo and Ronald Koeman left satisfied. However, between the final minutes of the first half and the start of the second half, there was great anger from the captain of the Catalan team at the decision of the match referee to send off a double yellow card. Clement Lenglet and leave the visitor with one less.

The French defender crossed his arm in the face of a rival when he was fighting for the ball. He was already admonished and saw the red for that. All of Barcelona jumped against the judge, Carlos del Cerro Grande, who was uncompromising in his determination.

For the players blaugranas and the Catalan press was exaggerated and the expulsion was very rigorous. And Messi, with the tape in tow, was in charge of making his discomfort clear to him.

The Rosario went hot to rest for that fact. And he did not calm down inside the locker room. When he came across the referee before going back to the field, he had a talk on good terms but in which the tension.

Koeman and Gerard Piqué also surrounded Del Cerro Grande and together with Messi they tried to explain that he made a wrong decision and that it hurt them, since they had to face the complement with ten.

The judge listened but was not intimidated by the men of Barcelona and also said his own thing and sought to justify his actions. In fact, he even tried to explain to Messi what he saw by putting his arm in his face as Lenglet did with his opponent.

Leo was not satisfied at all and was shaking his head at all times. Nothing reassured him. And he continued to speak closely to Del Cerro Grande throughout the journey until they were back on the grass. If it was for him, he followed her to the center circle, but the referee suddenly returned to answer another question and left him at 10 with the word in his mouth to finish the topic.

It did not reach: when returning towards the center of the field, Messi continued with his reproaches. With the initial whistle of the second half, he concentrated again on the game and how well he did: Lionel concocted the play of the second goal by penetrating on the right and shooting the center that was deflected in Olaza, who put it against his arc.

The final triumph made Messi regain his smile of happiness to put aside his frown. Beyond the anger and how bad the season looked before the start, Barcelona for now has reason to be excited.



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