Lionel Messi and an unforgettable afternoon: first victory in La Paz, strong discussion at the end and a celebration on Instagram

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After the triumph of Argentina in La Paz and from a fight against an Argentine member of the Bolivian coaching staff, the Rosario star made a new post.

Who said Tuesday the 13th is bad luck? On a very special day in the calendar, the Argentine National Team flew in the height of La Paz, turned the game over to Bolivia with goals from Lautaro Martínez and Joaquín Correa and celebrated at Hernando Siles after 15 years. And Lionel Messi was one of the great figures of the afternoon.

But it was not all tranquility for La Pulga, who reacted in the final against an Argentine member of the Bolivian coaching staff and later argued with Marcelo Moreno Martins, the scorer of the first goal of the match.

That did not cloud the very good level shown by the Barcelona man, especially in the second half. And it did not prevent him from celebrating the triumph with a post on his Instagram account.

“Great triumph at altitude, where it always costs more. There is still a lot to do, the qualifiers have just started and we are very happy to have achieved these two victories. #VamosArgentina, “he wrote on 10, along with two images in which he appears celebrating 2-1 with Correa and with some of his companions.

What happened at the end of the game? Lucas Nava, the Argentine physical trainer of the local coaching staff, said something to Messi that upset him.

Your mother’s shell, peeled “, was the first thing that was heard. Then: What’s wrong with you, pelado? Why are you making a mess, boludo? You don’t have to come fuck me “Leo replied. That’s where Cruzeiro striker got in and there was a reaction from the Albiceleste captain.

It was the third time that Messi was going to play in La Paz with the National Team (he was beaten in 2009 and in 1-1 with a goal from Ever Banega) and he was able to achieve his expected victory at height.

Because, lived the game with great intensity, pure gesture: in addition to personalized hugs to collaborators and colleagues post 2-1, he celebrated Correa’s goal in full (before that celebration he looked at the line, just in case).

And already at the end of the game, leaning on the right, when Montiel had the ball, he put tight fists when the victory was confirmed in La Paz.

On the other hand, several players from the team Lionel Scaloni, like Marcos Acuña and Alejandro Gómez, published a great photo of intimacy and joy in the visiting dressing room. “6 of 6. Always together, this is the way. Very good Argentina, congratulations to all”, published the Papu Gómez.


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