Lionel Messi, after Argentina’s victory against Peru: ‘We are finding ourselves as a group and as a team’

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La Pulga highlighted the importance of the victory in Lima and remarked: “It is not easy to win clearly in Qualifiers as we did today.”

“It was won, which is important to add because the Qualifiers are difficult.” A man already accustomed to this trance of world classifications and who lived some of them with anguish, Lionel Messi did not hesitate to give him the value that corresponds to the three points that Argentina achieved in Lima, after 16 years of not beating Peru as visitor.

Messi remarked: “We needed victory after the last game that we couldn’t win. Today from the beginning we did things well and generated many goal situations.”

The flea He stressed that the 2-0 not only showed a good result but that Lionel Scaloni’s team is beginning to find a line of play. “The other day (1-1 against Paraguay) our game was good and today we were on the same line and even better. This is the path we have to follow,” he said. And he stressed again: “It is not easy to win clearly in the Qualifiers as we did today.”

Asked about his current level, in which he does not find imbalance as easily as before, Messi explained: “Whenever I come here it is because I try to give my maximum, because I see myself able to do it. I feel good and if the coach decides that I’ll be there, and if not, no. But I feel good to continue being with this group and adding victories like this one. “

Beyond the joy, neither this Tuesday Messi could not break the spell that haunts him every time he runs into Peru on the way to the World Cup: he never scored a goal. There are already six games. Of course: the good news is that he never lost.

Leo may have missed the explosion from other nights. But it was also cooler and more comfortable to play with being well surrounded. His teammates took the reins of the party. At times it was even one more. And it should not be viewed as a negative. Quite the opposite. It is a sign that the Messidependencia decreased. And that is healthy. Not just for what Leo may be better, but also for the team. “Little by little we are becoming strong as a group”, affirmed the Rosario.

Even from another place, Messi, logically, will not stop being decisive. Make or don’t score a goal. Play as the best in the world or as a more earthy player. Messi will always be Messi.



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