The Swiss A-League club EHC Biel says on its website that the team’s Finnish defender Petteri Lindbohmilla coronavirus infection has been reported. Lindbohm infection was diagnosed on Monday night.

Ten days ago with Biel’s 24-year-old striker With Tino Kessler a corona infection had been diagnosed, but at that time the entire team was not quarantined.

Biel whole team was set today at noon in quarantine, which will last until 6 November.

Biel’s next four matches were postponed to a later date. Biel was due to play this week today on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Biel is the third A-League club to be quarantined this season because of a corona. The other two clubs are Friborg-Gotteron and Lugano, which have already been released from quarantine.

2019 World Champion

27-year-old Lindbohm will play for the third season in the Swiss main series. The previous two seasons have raced in the ranks of HC Lausanne but moved on to this season Antti Törmänen to coach Biel.

Törmänen became infected with a corona in the spring and was later diagnosed with cancer. Since then, Törmänen has been on the sidelines of the team’s activities.

In the spring of 2019, Lindbohm was winning the World Cup gold for Finland in the Slovak Games. He also played in the Lions last season.

The NHL club St. Louis Blues booked Lindbohm in the sixth round of 2012. The defender, who went to the world via Kiekko-Vantaa, the Blues and the Jokers, played 40 matches in the NHL and 171 matches in the AHL over three seasons.