Liolios announces his candidacy for the presidency of the EEC – Meets with Vasilakopoulos | NBA

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Vangelis Liolios formalized his candidacy for the presidency of the EEC, while at the same time revealed that his plan includes the creation of a place that will be the “home of basketball” in Greece.

In his statement, during the press conference he quoted, he stated the following:

“Essentially, only yesterday did the pre-election period of the federations officially begin. That is why I am here today, respecting the laws and institutions of the state. Today I want to formally submit my candidacy in the EEC elections whenever they take place. Next Monday I will visit the EEC to inform George Vasilakopoulos about my candidacy.

I will send to the presidents of all the Unions, to inform them about my positions, my program and to show them the upgraded role that the Unions should have for the good of basketball. Let’s all work together in a straight line for the next day and lead basketball to success.

The next day has great and unprecedented challenges. Success does not require one or some, but success requires them all. Basketball unites, does not divide and we can not afford to be divided. I call on all those who want to support this effort, to join me and move on. “


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