LinkedIn has surprised users with the news that it is now possible to publish stories on the platform oriented to professional use.

The social network wants to renew itself with a much fresher and more modern appearance; in fact, the company pointed out that it is an evolution that aims to «Better reflect the LinkedIn community of members and organizations with a whole new look and feel that embodies the diverse, inclusive, warm and welcoming community«.

While LinkedIn updated its design and added other updates, on the stories there is not much to say, since they work practically the same as those of other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp The Snapchat.

This is precisely what has dismayed users, who, for the most part, say that it is something absurd, while others consider that it could be a useful function to make themselves known in the workplace.

These stories will disappear in 24 hours, like the rest of the stories of any social network and, to create them, you will only have to take a starting image, edit it with texts, stickers and filters and make it available to your contacts.

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Users react to LinkedIn stories

The novelty has led to LinkedIn be placed in Trending Topic de Twitter due to the opinions and reactions of the users. We show you our favorites below:

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