Linda Lampenius, 50, says On Instagram will have to cancel the rest of their Finnish gig planned for this year. He goes for cervical surgery on October 28 and the violin stays in the cloak until early December.

Lampenius says he suffers from severe pain for which surgery seeks help.

“Forty-five years of violin weaving has destroyed two spacers, causing the edges of the three vertebrae to rub against each other as I play (head position slightly forward to the left),” Lampenius writes.

– The bone has grown new bone at the points where the vertebrae have met. The new bone is formed in the shape of a nail. One “nail” presses directly on the nerve that goes into the hand. That nail and other extra bone is removed in the surgery, he backs up.

– Pain (head and neck) is hard and I’ve noticed that the left hand is not as strong as in the past. This doesn’t heal on its own but gets worse all the time, he says.

Lampenius writes that he regrets the concert cancellations. He was to perform in Helsinki at Kallio Church with the Kolmen kopla ensemble on November 27 and at the Joensuu Music Festival on November 29.

– I hope that the surgery will go well and that I will be able to perform in Finland in 2021, Lampenius concludes his update.

Lampenius, who lives with his family in Sweden, said in the spring that he contracted the coronavirus with his 7-year-old daughter.

The woman began playing the violin at an early age. Lampenius, who started music music school at the age of two, first got excited about playing the piano, but moved to the violin at the age of five. It soon became clear that he was a talented violinist as a young man, and he joined the Helsinki Junior Strings, hailed as the best youth orchestra in the world. Linda was an orchestra pit.

Since then, Lampenius has reaped an international reputation as a violinist. He has appeared frequently to royal and heads of state.